“Science Jim” Mueller has a B.A. from Lake Forest College and an M.S. from Aurora University. He has worked as an environmental educator from 1989 to 1994. The following eight years he worked at a small children’s science museum in Carbondale, Illinois. Six of those years as the executive director. Since 2002, Jim has been developing and teaching a physics curriculum specifically for homeschoolers. Since 2002, Jim has been developing and teaching a physics curriculum specifically for homeschoolers. He has created books, web sites, movies and live online classes for students all over the world. He uses an entertaining and humorous approach with all of his materials, which make his products quite a unique educational experience.

Science Jim, his wife and two children live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina where they enjoy their chickens, woodland wanders, music and board games (that is when they are not cleaning up after science experiments, of course).

Jim will be speaking on:
Essential Science
Science is a huge topic and there are many, many "helpful" materials out there. How do you know what to teach or how to teach it? Join "Science Jim" Mueller as he shares his thoughts on which science concepts are the essential foundations of a fulfilling science education. Science Jim has spent the last seven years crafting a science curriculum specifically for homeschoolers based on these essential science concepts. The underlying core of which is building a sense of wonder for our amazing and miraculous world.
Science Jim's products:

Bite-Size Physics Videos

This series of 8 videos on mechanics is a superbly entertaining overview of Newton's Laws of Motion. Each video is a full lesson, complete with a comprehensive, fun lecture as well as several easy hands-on activities you can do at home. The videos are designed to go with the lessons in Science Jim's Bite-Size Physics: Mechanics book. With full text and instructions for the hands-on experiments, the book makes an excellent accompaniment to the video lecture series.


Bite-Size Physics: Force takes you step-by-step through the mysterious pushes and pulls that makes the world and the universe go 'round. You'll cover everything from force to force fields to gravity, magetism, electromagnetism and more. Each lesson has many hands-on activities including making your own lightning cups, speakers, and a motor! This is one physics book you won't have to "force" yourself to finish! Click here to buy or take a deeper look.

Bite-Size Physics: Mechanics takes a look at the laws that tell how matter interacts with forces. The lessons cover good old Mr. Newton's three laws as well as gravity, acceleration, velocity and more. Don't miss the video lessons that go with this book! Science Jim gives you the lectures and you get to do the hands-on goodies. It's physics fun at its best! Click here to buy or take a deeper look at the book.

Click here to take a look at the videos

Bite-Size Physics: Sound ..."The hills are alive with the sound of physics!" If you've ever wanted to know why music sounds so good and why noise sounds so bad, this is the book for you. If you've ever wanted to know how sound travels, how fast it travels and what your ears have to do with all this, then this is the book for you. If you've ever wanted to know whether or not elephants have to trim their toenails...well then you might want to look for a different book. Click here to buy or take a deeper look.

Bite-Size Physics: This is the whole shebang! Twenty nine lesson plans and over seventy experiments lead you to discover the wonderful world of physics. Enjoy physics, the fun and easy way. This book contains all twenty nine of Science Jim's published lessons. Concepts include mechanics, energy, thermal dynamics, static electricity and many more. The lessons found in the books Bite-Size Physics: Force, Bite-Size Physics: Mechanics and Bite-size Physics: Sound are included in this book as well as many other lessons. Click here to buy or take a deeper look.

Science Jim's Live Online Web-Classes

Are you tired of driving all over the place from class to class? Would you love to have a high quality class right in your own home? Would you like a teacher for your child that is not only educational but also highly entertaining? Well, if this sounds good and you have a computer with broadband internet service, then look no further. With real time live video, audio, whiteboard and more, Science Jim's Web-Classes are like watching TV only better!

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