For the past decade, Tim N. Scoggins has served as the founder and CEO of the National College Counseling Center, an organization that provides educational support from high school completion to Ph.D.’s to corporations and government agencies with more than a million people in their workforces nationwide. Tim is a retired senior officer from the U.S. Coast Guard and served as an Education Officer at bases in California and Alaska before being selected to serve as the Service Chief of Education, managing the higher education programs for the entire USCG.

When Tim entered the military, he had only completed two courses in college. By his retirement nearly 21 years later, he had earned an Associate’s degree, two baccalaureate degrees, two Master’s degrees and even finished a number of courses toward a doctorate degree – yet he only sat in a classroom on a campus for five classes. Everything else he did using home study, nationally recognized non-traditional educational alternatives, and the resources and opportunities that are described in this presentation. The degrees that he earned, from the University of the State of New York at Albany, University of Phoenix, and Regent University in Virginia Beach were the same as those earned by students on their campuses.

Tim has long been a proponent of home schooling, as a good many of those in his immediate and extended family members have been (and some still are) home schooled. In fact, his daughter earned her high school diploma in only three years using the resources presented in this briefing and pressed onward using these opportunities to earn a baccalaureate degree from a state university in only two years time. Home study +higher education resources + nationally recognized alternatives to earn credit = success at both high school and college levels.

Tim will be speaking on:

Harnessing Higher Education Resources Nationwide to Help Home Schooled High School Students Succeed

There is a wide array of higher education resources available to help home schooled students succeed in their educational endeavors. This presentation will introduce families to many of these, including the following:
  • For those who are visual learners, billions of dollars have been invested by PBS to create Hollywood-style high school and college courses that are digitally streamed on the web, free for any home schooled family to access. Do you know how to connect your students to these visually-intriguing courses, many of which have even won awards, such as the Emmy?
  • There are more than 12,000 courses created by many of the best colleges and universities in the nation posted for anyone to access – perhaps to use as free tutoring resources or to prepare for national examinations that can accelerate completion of a high school diploma, while simultaneously giving the students a jump-start on a college degree. Do you know how to find them?
  • Do you have a high school student struggling to decide what he or she would want to study in college or do for a career? There are free introspective self-assessment tools available from a number of colleges to help them decide.
  • Does your high school student desire to go to a prestigious college or university and need to sharpen their competitive edge when applying for admission? There are a number of colleges and universities that will help you augment your instruction, providing experts to teach the subjects that you desire, while encouraging you to teach your children the subjects in which you desire … and they will confer a regionally accredited high school diploma upon the student when the curriculum requirements are met. Do you know how to compare and decide which program best fits your student’s past academic accomplishments?
This and more will be presented in this informative briefing tailored to address the needs of home schooled families.

Products and support available:

The following services and support are available through the National College Counseling Center, where professional counseling is provided from the 9th grade through completion of a doctorate degree. For more information, visit or call (850) 478-3662 or 3663 or send e-mail to
  • A continuum of counseling support is available from the National College Counseling Center, from high school through doctorate degrees from colleges and universities nationwide. Home school instructors may submit the courses completed and grades by their high school students to the NCCC, where the staff will build an electronic education record for them in the incredible system called Degree Quest. Their accomplishments can be merged into high school programs of study from regionally accredited colleges across the nation to empower them to compare where they should stand. With support from the NCCC, students are provided guidance from admission to high school graduation, helping students blend courses taught at home with those taught by the higher education institution.
  • More than a thousand resources are presented on the more comprehensive educational support website, the Higher Education Resource Connection (HERC). Home schooled students can use these resources not only to help them earn their high school diploma, but also to get a jump-start on a college degree. Links include digitally streamed video courses on the web, thousands of tuition-free courses, self-assessment surveys, scholarship and grant search engines of providers of billions of dollars in financial aid for higher education each year, low-cost textbook providers, and much more are on HERC.

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