Joyce Herzog taught in public and private schools for 25 years before moving on to encourage parents in the art of homeschooling. She delights crowds across the country with humor and candid homeschooling advice. Her years of experience with nontypical learners give her a unique perspective of focusing on individuals rather than presenting subjects. She has a master's degree in learning disabilities and an honorary doctorate from Jacksonville Theological Seminary. Joyce is the creator of The Scaredy Cat Reading System and author of more than 20 books, including Choosing & Using Curriculum, History in His Hands, and Learning in Spite of Labels. She has been a trusted educational consultant for more than two decades. Joyce has helped families all over North America find a new perspective on their children, their homeschool and their educational plans. She and her husband, Tom, live in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Educating His Way – Are we following the world’s teaching styles or those God has shown us? What do the Scriptures say about teaching? What examples are we given? What model are we following? How can we make changes to meet our children’s needs? Come and see for yourself how to make a difference in your homeschool.

Joyce will be speaking on:

Learning in Spite of Labels
This workshop will give you the opportunity to actually become a struggling learner for a few moments! Be sure to have a pen or pencil and an old business card or a 3x5 card cut in half to participate in this experience! You’ll be glad you did, for it will let you see into the heart of your learner and understand better what it is like to struggle with something new. Then we’ll focus on some tricks and techniques to turn the situation around! You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll understand like you never have before!
Joyce's Products:

The Scaredy Cat Reading System

Scaredy Cat Reading System Level One (SCRS L1) teaches letter names and sounds with songs, stories, games and fun. Use it as young as three, or for more mature learners. A multitude of games and activities to choose from. Teacher’s Manual, Student Activity Book, Audio CD, Fun Learning Pack, and Reader Included.

Scaredy Cat Reading System Level Two (SCRS L2) teaches reading and spelling “scared” (short) vowel words (like man, hop, fix, bug) and beginning sentence and comprehension work. Teacher's Manual, Student Activity Book, Audio CD, Fun Learning Pack, and Reader included.

Scaredy Cat Reading System Level Three (SCRS L3) teaches word building, reading and spelling, beginning language and thinking skills. Teacher’s Manual, Student Activity Book, 2 Audio CDs, and Fun Learning Pack and Reader included.

Visit Joyce's website for ordering information and samples.

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