Dari Mullins, co-author of Galloping the Globe and Cantering the Country, has been homeschooling her three teenagers for over ten years. She fell in love with history and geography when beginning to research home education in 1995. Dari and her husband, Allen, have taught their children at home since the oldest started kindergarten in 1997.

Dari realized early that traditional textbooks were not the route she wanted in the education of her children. Dari utilized the notebooking and unit study approach from the very beginning. This passion for non-traditional methods led her to write curriculum for her own family and eventually teaming up with Loree Pettit to write Galloping the Globe and Cantering the Country.

Aquiring knowledge about the different methods available enabled Dari to be a help to many homeschoolers even while her children were still very young. Her research and love of learning allowed her to serve on the board of one of the largest homeschool support groups in NC for five years, serving as chairperson for three years. She began to put together workshops and seminars on topics that would benefit a wide array of individuals. She currently stays busy speaking for various support groups, conferences and conventions throughout the United States.

Dari and her family currently live in Asheville, NC where she teaches several classes and stays active with the local homeschool community. Dari has a passion for sports and remains active with Western Carolina Athletic Association, a group that provides junior and senior high homeschooled students with organized team sports. She has jumped into the world of social media marketing and helps small companies, organizations and non-profits capitalize and gain maximum exposure using this new medium. She is currently working for Bright Ideas Press, publishers of Mystery of History and other great titles, as the project manager for their new all-inclusive curriculum, Illuminations. She remains dedicated to helping homeschool families prosper and delight in learning together.

You can connect with Dari on Facebook by searching for Dari Brookshire Mullins and the page Illuminations, and also on Twitter at http://twitter.com/darimullins.

Dari's Products include:

Galloping the Globe

Word searches, mazes, maps and more…clues, puzzles, and animals galore! What an enchanting way to learn geography – a unit study/discovery learning resource entitled Galloping The Globe. This geography based curriculum is geared towards the K – 4th grade children. It can be used from 1 – 3 years and covers all 7 continents. Incorporating the student notebook approach, Galloping The Globe integrates 8 categories of learning activities:

* Basic Geography
* People/History
* Literature
* Science
* Activities
* Internet Sources
* Bible

The lessons are designed to engage the children’s hearts and minds through variety and interaction. Keeping the notebook will only serve to encourage creativity as they become accustomed to producing a lasting product while experiencing hands- on learning. Most of the literature will be found at your local library, but a few resources are recommended for purchase if you plan to complete most of the suggested activities. (Considering God's Creation is the core of the science lessons.)

This is a wonderful introduction to world geography using a notebooking approach to learning.

Galloping the Globe FAQ

Join our yahoo discussion group at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/galloping-the-globe/

Cantering the Country

Saddle up your horses and strap on your thinking caps! Learning geography is an adventure! And it’s not just about memorizing facts. Geography ties together all disciplines of learning in one fascinating package. From the authors who brought you Galloping the Globe, we are pleased to offer its U.S. counterpart, Cantering the Country.

This unit study course teaches a wide range of academic and spiritual disciplines using the geography of the U.S.A. as a starting point. Learn about each state—its geographic features, its history, and its interesting characters—and tie in language arts, Bible, science and civics at the same time. With this course, you won’t have to put aside one subject to make time for another. They’re all connected! This comprehensive unit study, which can be used for all children grades 1-6, takes three years to complete and includes all subjects except math and spelling.

Learn science by studying the state flowers, trees, animals and birds. Cover language arts as you read literature set in each state. Build character by learning to apply the principles of the preamble to the constitution of each state. Bring history alive with the stories of famous people, founding fathers, and Native American groups from around the country. At the end of the course, your child will have a head full of knowledge and a notebook that he or she has created, full of wonderful information and fun memories.

One of the greatest features is the excellent book list provided for each state. This valuable information can be used for years to come for any study of U.S. geography or history. Many recommended books are available from the library. A few are used repeatedly throughout the year, and we try to keep them stocked. Check out our website or call for more information.

In addition to the 250+ page book, you will receive a CD-ROM packed full of reproducible outline maps and activities. Two to four activities per state include word searches, crossword puzzles, find the twin, state maps, and other fun puzzles dealing with subjects relevant to each state. This CD is included with the purchase of Cantering the Country or is available separately. Is excellent to use with any U.S. geography study.


An all-inclusive curriculum based on The Mystery of History and All American History series. The curriculum includes Bible, Language Arts (grammar, writing, copywork, spelling and vocabulary) Literature, Science, Humanities (poetry, theatre, music, and art), Geography, History, Life Skills, Projects and Mom Support. Bright Ideas Press has provided user-friendly resources for homeschoolers since 1995. We are excited to present our brightest idea yet: Illuminations!

What makes Illuminations different?
  • “Tweakable” schedule: customizable!
  • Family Study Guides for related literature (by level)
  • Read-Alone Guides to engage students in their independent reading
  • High School Study Guides, walking teens through great literature
  • Customizable Language Arts options
  • Fun Graphic Organizers to organize students’ thoughts
  • Hands-on activities including Folder Books and Challenge Cards
  • Paper Trails for record keeping
  • Very “Learning Style” friendly
  • Designed for grades 3-12, with additional activities for PreK-2nd
  • Summer Enrichment
  • Friendly Yahoo group support and place to post and share students’ work
Dari will be speaking on:
I’m Homeschooling, but I’m NOT HAPPY

Are you worn-out, ill and tired of all the demands on you as a homeschool parent? Do you sometimes feel like crawling in a corner and quitting? We are supposed to enjoy this adventure called homeschooling, but often we don’t. We grow weary, loose patience and sometimes want to give up. We can become embarrassed or ashamed about our feelings, so we keep them to ourselves. This session provides a time to open up, be real and face these normal emotions. Dari will encourage you with lessons from her own life and give you a formula to capture the enjoyment of homeschooling.

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