"Winter Homeschool Refresher" speakers and topics
Join us February 22 - 25, 2010

Carol Barnier, author of The Big WHAT NOW Book of Learning Styles
What Are You Thinking? Learning Styles and Beyond
This talk is BIG on the beyond. So often, learning style materials pour all their time and energy into finding the right label for your child's learning style. (Yes, we now know he's a right brained, global, sub-dominant, argyle-wearing, rational wombat...but how do I teach him to spell?) And while there are many different tools for assessment, too often these same materials are light on just what you should do after the label. How do you teach history so it sticks? What if she can't understand fractions? What if he loves language but hates to write? This workshop will be all about "What do we do now?" come away with lots of ideas you can use Monday morning.
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Belinda Bullard, founder of A Blessed Heritage
How Will I Be Remembered? A Mom for all Seasons
We often mark the milestones of our homeschooling journey in terms of our children--their growth, their academic achievements, and their accomplishment of various goals. Yet, our loving Father completes a work in us during this time, too, that does not always get as much attention or affirmation. Belinda will inspire us in the art of incorporating self as a learning tool in our schools, recognizing who we are as "the oldest student at the table," and being cognizant of how God can use our life experience to teach our children far more than they will gain from any book. WE are the best living book they will ever read. What's in your classic, and are you willing to pass it on?
Cindy Carrier, founder of Values Drive Family Ministry
Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers, OH MY!: Successfully Integrating Little Ones into Your Homeschool
Homeschooling older children with preschool-age children in the mix (particularly infants and toddlers) can be hectic. We moms often feel like we're neglecting one thing or another: home management, academics, or the needs of our little ones. When we focus on "being" rather than "doing" and keep the blessings of this season of life in mind, we can continue to experience joy in spite of the occasional chaos.
Sheila Carroll, founder of Living Books Curriculum
Planning for Learning—Homeschool Planning the Charlotte Mason Way
Stressed about getting your homeschool planning done for the week? Perplexed about what books, ideas, schedule to use? Grab a cup of tea and listen to Sheila share how Living Books Curriculum does it. You will get a clear explanation of how to plan a day, week, month and year with Charlotte
Mason's methods. Templates, book suggestions and a special gift are included.
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Heather and Dawn, aka The Bee and The Peach

How to NOT Homeschool
With 25+ combined years of homeschooling and fives years of homeschool blogging, Dawn and Heather will dish up some terrific ideas and encouragement in their session, How Not to Homeschool. They will help you recognize the pitfalls and barriers to homeschooling so you can be better equipped to educate your own children. Learning to recognize these obstacles before they hit is half the battle. They'll offer you tools to stay the course and not jump ship.
Joyce Herzog, author of The Scaredy Cat Reading System
Learning in Spite of Labels
This workshop will give you the opportunity to actually become a struggling learner for a few moments! Be sure to have a pen or pencil and an old business card or a 3x5 card cut in half to participate in this experience! You’ll be glad you did, for it will let you see into the heart of your learner and understand better what it is like to struggle with something new. Then we’ll focus on some tricks and techniques to turn the situation around! You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll understand like you never have before!
Maggie Hogan, founder of Bright Ideas Press
7 Highly Effective Habits of Happy Homeschool Moms
When is the last time you woke up and thought, “Wow! I love homeschooling and we are learning so much, growing spiritually, and even having some fun?” Umm . . . been awhile? Well, join Maggie for a very real workshop on 7 ways to streamline your life and improve your homeschooling while (for the most part) enjoying the process! This entertaining workshop is stuffed full with practical tips you can truly use.
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Katie Kubesh, co-founder of In the Hands of a Child
Beginning Lapbooking
As a co-owner and writer/researcher for In the Hands of a Child, the Premier Supplier of Ready-to-Assemble Lapbooks, I am asked a lot of questions about lapbooking. Many people have heard the term “lapbooking” but have no idea what it is or are overwhelmed by the entire concept of hands-on activities and unit studies. Lapbooks are great ways to include hands-on activities to your student’s curriculum! I will be answering the top questions asked about lapbooking and explaining the following concepts:

1. What is a lapbook?
2. How are lapbooks made?
3. What supplies are needed to lapbook?
4. I have all the supplies, now what?
5. How do I find information and activities to complete lapbook?
6. How does my student complete a lapbook?
7. How do you fold the file folder to make a lapbook?
8. How do I incorporate lapbooking into my existing curriculum?
9. What are the benefits of lapbooking?
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Heather Laurie, author of Special Needs Homeschooling
Movers, shakers and denim cloth haters: sensory kids
Does your child bounce constantly? Will your child refuse to touch sand? We discuss Sensory Integration Disorder and what it means to our homeschooling. Practical advice and ideas from a mom who has lived the sensory roller coaster for years, and if pushed would have to admit to having sensory issues herself. How to adapt your learning environment to help your child thrive!
Diane Lockman, author of Trivium Mastery and The Classical Scholar
Reading Aloud: The Key to Language Development
Words are fundamental to learning. In the early years, a child acquires words through hearing. Later, he visually internalizes words. Parents who read aloud to their children contribute more to early language development than any other factor by creating a pleasant experience in which the child both sees and hears the text. In this workshop, Diane will share three studies that provide concrete evidence that kids who regularly hear and see the written word have a distinct advantage over their peers. Do you want kids who love to read? Are you having trouble encouraging your kids to write? Do your kids struggle with spelling? Take away at least a dozen new ideas that you can try next week!
Jim Mueller, founder of Bite Sized Physics
Essential Science
Science is a huge topic and there are many, many "helpful" materials out there. How do you know what to teach or how to teach it? Join "Science Jim" Mueller as he shares his thoughts on which science concepts are the essential foundations of a fulfilling science education. Science Jim has spent the last seven years crafting a science curriculum specifically for homeschoolers based on these essential science concepts. The underlying core of which is building a sense of wonder for our amazing and miraculous world.
Dari Mullins, co-author of Galloping the Globe and Cantering the Country
I'm Homeschooling, but I'm NOT HAPPY
Are you worn-out, ill and tired of all the demands on you as a homeschooler? We are supposed to enjoy this adventure called homeschooling, but often we don't. We grow weary, loose patience and sometimes want to give up. Dari will encourage you with lessons from her own life and give you a formula to capture the enjoyment of homeschooling.
Angela Parsley, founder of Refresh My Soul Ministries
Homeschooling Obstacles and the Support you Need
Even the brightest and best homeschooling parents run into obstacles while homeschooling. Really, obstacles are a part of life. Jesus told us in this world we will have trouble. Homeschooling is not exempt from that. So when you hit the wall, what do you do? Do you just see it as a sign to give up or do you press on even harder? What does God mean by these difficulties? Learn a positive perspective in approaching those minor or major obstacles that may come, because really it shouldn't be stated what "may come" but when they "do come" your way.
Jay Ryan, author of Classical Astronomy and Signs and Seasons
Classical Astronomy: The Biblical Purpose for the Sun, Moon and Stars
From their very creation, the Sun, Moon and stars had been made by the LORD for the practical purposes of finding direction and for telling time... "for signs and for seasons and for days and years." (Genesis 1:14). Down through history, the cycles of the Sun, Moon and stars had been used to mark the days, months and years. Everyone from common folk to scientists understood the signs in the sky. As part of the Quadrivium of sciences, Classical Astronomy was part of the classical liberal arts education, learned by everyone from ancient philosophers through the Founding Fathers of the American Republic. However, somewhere down the line, this knowledge was forgotten, and is now neglected or even omitted in contemporary classrooms and curricula. A knowledge of Classical Astronomy can be easily regained by Christian homeschoolers through systematic observation of the Sun, Moon and stars. Perhaps in so doing, our generation can truly come to appreciate how "The Heavens Declare the Glory of God." (Psalm 19:1).
Tim N. Scoggins, founder and CEO of the National College Counseling Center
Harnessing Higher Education Resources Nationwide to Help Home Schooled High School Students Succeed
There is a wide array of higher education resources available to help home schooled students succeed in their educational endeavors. This presentation will introduce families to many of these, including the following:
  • For those who are visual learners, billions of dollars have been invested by PBS to create Hollywood-style high school and college courses that are digitally streamed on the web, free for any home schooled family to access. Do you know how to connect your students to these visually-intriguing courses, many of which have even won awards, such as the Emmy?
  • There are more than 12,000 courses created by many of the best colleges and universities in the nation posted for anyone to access – perhaps to use as free tutoring resources or to prepare for national examinations that can accelerate completion of a high school diploma, while simultaneously giving the students a jump-start on a college degree. Do you know how to find them?
Natalie Wickham, author of Pajama School
Everything Your Child Needs to Know and How to Teach it to Them
In this encouraging and sometimes humorous workshop, homeschool graduate Natalie Wickham reflects on the four aspects of her homeschool education that she appreciates the most. Drawing on her own experiences, observation of and conversations with other homeschool families, insightful survey responses, and biblical principles, Natalie’s heart is to inspire the next generation of homeschoolers. The number one question in the minds of many homeschool parents is whether they are teaching their child everything they need to know. Natalie highlights an important distinction that must be made when asking this question, and provides practical suggestions that will benefit every homeschool family.

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