I'm Kris, a not-for-much-longer thirty-something Christian, wife, mom, blogger, and collector of living creatures. My wonderful husband, Brian, and I have been married for over 18 years. We live in Georgia with our mostly-awesome kids, Brianna (14), Josh (10) and Megan (8). The menagerie, at last count, includes three dogs, two cats, two snakes, and two toads (who are up for parole this spring).

We have homeschooled since 2002, taking about four years to work our way into our current classically eclectic, slightly Charlotte Mason style, where we feel most comfortable. I blog about the homeschool part of our lives -- which, since it's a lifestyle, includes most everything -- at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. I began a new blog in November 2009 to chronicle a more personal aspect of my life, my journey to lose nearly 100 pounds, at Eclipsed: Escaping the Shadow of Obesity.

My obsessions include blogging, reading (anything by Julie Garwood and the entire Twilight saga), sweet tea (much less sweet since the weight loss began), and, of late, health and fitness. I'm a big fan of Mah Jong and spider solitaire and Free Cell; I tolerate Facebook and love Twitter; and about the only things I watch on TV are The Biggest Loser, re-runs of Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond, and CNN Headline News.

You can tweet with Kris at Kris_WUHSMom

Kris will be speaking on:
Adding Spark to Your Homeschool with Hands-on Learning.
Will cover ideas for hands-on learning in all major subject areas, fun online sites, where to find materials and inspiration, and how to incorporate hands-on learning in your homeschool. We'll discuss some of the fun presentations we've put together for our homeschool group, such as Around the World Day and our Night at the Museum Party, and hands-on activities that we've enjoyed, such as salt dough maps, edible maps, and paper mache.

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