Cynthia Carrier is wife to Marc and the homeschooling mom of seven children. Together, Marc and Cindy have a passion to encourage Christian parents through their Web site, The focus of their “Values-Driven” ministry is to equip Christian families to make the most of every opportunity: that is, to serve God, participate in fulfilling the Great Commission, and raise children who love and serve the Lord. For more information about their resources, for fresh inspiration on your family journey, or to find practical helps—including dozens of FREE DOWNLOADS—visit

Cindy is the author of The Growing Homeschool: Integrating Babies and Toddlers into Your Already Busy Schedule and the children’s character training coloring book, Growing to be Like Jesus. She also has written, with her husband, Marc, The Values-Driven Family: A Proactive Plan for Successful Biblical Parenting and Values-Driven Discipleship: Biblical Instruction and Character Training Manual. She has enjoys speaking at homeschool and women’s events and has several seminars available online.

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Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers, OH MY!: Successfully Integrating Little Ones into Your Homeschool
Homeschooling older children with preschool-age children in the mix (particularly infants and toddlers) can be hectic. We moms often feel like we're neglecting one thing or another: home management, academics, or the needs of our little ones. When we focus on "being" rather than "doing" and keep the blessings of this season of life in mind, we can continue to experience joy in spite of the occasional chaos.

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The Growing Homeschool: Integrating Babies and Toddlers into your Already Busy Schedule. We homeshooling Moms wear many hats. We often feel pressured to perform and wonder if we can truly do it all. Throw little ones into the mix, and our days can quickly become overwhelming. The Growing Homeschool can help!

Convention Audio Package. Not sure you can make it to the homeschool convention this year? Want some inspiration, information, and encouragement, without all the cost? Marc and Cindy Carrier of Values-Driven have put together a package of 12 of their convention audios for you to enjoy at your leisure, and for only $12. Be sure to check it out at

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