Carolyn Morrison and her husband, Kevin, removed their two children from the public school system in the elementary grades and homeschooled them through high school graduation. Carolyn began studying learning styles in order to teach her own children (including daughter Jennifer Leonhard) more effectively. Her personal observations of people and their behavior have taught her much about learning styles, which she now shares with others. Jennifer applied the study methods she learned while homeschooling to help her complete a BA in Business Administration. She currently works in the retail industry and collaborates with her mom in mentoring and encouraging families through their blog, Guilt-Free Homeschooling, leading workshops, speaking at homeschool conferences, and developing and publishing homeschooling materials.

You can find Carolyn on Facebook at "Guilt-Free Homeschooling" and Twitter at "guiltfreehsing"

Carolyn and Jennifer will be speaking on:
Taking the Mystery Out of Learning Styles
This incredibly informative workshop will show you how to use your students’ strengths to improve their weaknesses. Your students can and will learn better and faster using these simple tips. Enjoy an in-depth look at the everyday behaviors and personality traits that reveal their learning styles, and learn how to expand your students' learning abilities for successful learning now and throughout their lives.

Carolyn's Products

Taking the Mystery Out of Learning Styles

Diagnostic Tools to Help the Homeschooling Parent

GFHS Planner modules

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