Learn About China Kit ONLY $13
Reading about China is great, but wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to
touch China with your own hands and experience it? The China Learning
Packet will bring a bit of China right to your mailbox!

What Your Packet Will Contain

* Chinese papercut
* Chinese knot
* Red packet with currency
* Chinese flag
* Postcards
* Bookmark
* Red scarf worn by young Communist students
* An informational brochure about the things in your packet
* Honeycomb lantern
* Stickers

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Real Chinese Goodies in the Mail

Welcome to the Learn About China Kit website! I'm Yang Ge from China, and my goal is to help you experience China hands-on with real items mailed from me to you!

friends Why am I doing this? Well, my good foreign friend Jimmie shared this idea with me. She said that many, many educators and homeschoolers are fascinated with China and love getting postcards or goody packets mailed from my country. I thought that with her help (like writing an English booklet and helping me create this website) I could fill this desire to learn more about China with real cultural items. This is quite easy for me to do. And since my son is heading to college soon, this is a great way to save some money for his education.


From Lisa at Lisa's Homeschool Circus: "The first thing that the kids saw as they opened the packet was the real red scarf that children from China wear from ages 6-14. Evie thought it was so neat to hold and wear something that a little girl her age could be wearing right now over there! You could almost feel the world get smaller for her as we talked. Pretty amazing!"

enjoying China packet enjoying China packet

"This was the highlight of our day. I'm putting it away, and we'll be getting it back out this August when we begin studying China in earnest."

bevG's daughterBev G said, "We got our packet today!!! How exciting! My daughter (age 7) loved it. As she opened it, she kept saying, 'Is this mine? Can I keep this? Wow, I got money!' She really enjoyed looking over and playing with everything.

My daughter has been questioning her identity recently so the packet was helpful in reinforcing her Chinese heritage."

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