Belinda Bullard is, above all else, a child of the most high God and a colossal work in progress. She is a wife to her best friend for almost 18 years and homeschooling mother of three children, ages 14, 11, and 6. A chemical engineer by formal education, she worked in the chemical manufacturing industry for a number of years, advancing into corporate management. Before coming home to a much higher calling, Belinda worked as a training and development manager for a major food manufacturing company. Her testimony is one of turning her back on corporate expectations of women and the feminist agenda in order to proudly boast that she is a stay-at-home mom (a far more difficult task than any for which she was formally trained!).

Belinda is currently an author and the owner of A Blessed Heritage Educational Resources, a literature-based history curriculum featuring African-American presence in history. Her products include stories of various cultures to present a scripture-based, inclusive history that 'educates minds, lifts hearts, and changes lives.' She is a regular contributor to Heart of the Matter's online magazine and blog, as well as a contributor to the Carnival of Homeschooling. She also serves as adjunct faculty for two universities, teaching courses in philosophy of corporate culture, foundations of management and organizational behavior, and corporate leadership.

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How Will I Be Remembered? A Mom for all Seasons
We often mark the milestones of our homeschooling journey in terms of our children--their growth, their academic achievements, and their accomplishment of various goals. Yet, our loving Father completes a work in us during this time, too, that does not always get as much attention or affirmation. Belinda will inspire us in the art of incorporating self as a learning tool in our schools, recognizing who we are as "the oldest student at the table," and being cognizant of how God can use our life experience to teach our children far more than they will gain from any book. WE are the best living book they will ever read. What's in your classic, and are you willing to pass it on?

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