Anne's School Place was founded in 2003 for the purpose of helping families take the guesswork out of homeschooling. We publish easy-to-use curriculum especially designed for moms who are teaching more than one child, although any mom would love our ideas. Our website is also designed to help busy, new homeschooling parents learn the basics of homeschooling and feel comfortable educating their own children.

Anne Elliott is a full-time homemaker, wife, and homeschooling mother to six children. Anne attended Baptist Bible College of Pennsylvania and Liberty University. She and her husband Kraig, and her six children are involved in their local church, focusing on the areas of children and women's ministry, music, missions, and evangelism.

Finally, a Bible curriculum designed for real homeschooling families...

We believe that knowledge of the Bible, God's Word, is essential for our children (in fact, for all people).

But real homeschooling moms want to study the Bible with the whole family together. They also want a study with some meat to it, that really digs into God's Word.

That's why, several years ago, we developed a Bible curriculum specifically for homeschoolers. We invite you to take a look!

"All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works." (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

*Study the Bible chronologically, beginning with the Old Testament. A firm foundation for biblical understanding will be laid.
*Teach your children how to study the Bible for themselves, using inductive and deductive methods.
*Through daily use, teach your children how to handle their Bibles, understand what it means, and apply it to their lives.
*Commit large sections of Scripture to memory, hiding it in your hearts so your family will not sin against God.
*Children who begin studying the Bible in first grade will have thoroughly discussed God's Word four times before they graduate from high school.
*A variety of activities for multiple ages means that families will read together, study together, and grow together... making life easier for Mom and simplifying your homeschooling day.

We offer a 3-Year Plan to studying the Bible. Foundations 1 examines the Old Testament, preparing your children for the coming of Christ by presenting them with a clear picture of God's nature and character, as well as the nature and character of sinful mankind. They will learn about the necessity of the Law and about God's plan to provide a Savior from sin. They will have a clear understanding of the place of Israel in God's plan. The goal is to lay a firm foundation in their lives for understanding Christ as presented in the New Testament.

Foundations 2 studies the Gospels and Acts, as your children will see how Christ was the fulfillment of all the Old Testament. They will learn how the early church was founded and how God has continued to build His church.

Foundations 3 will continue the study of the New Testament by surveying the Epistles and the book of Revelation. Your children will now have the necessary framework to study systematic theology as well as character traits that are taught in the Epistles.

Juggling Life's Responsibilities: Biblical Help for the Married Woman
Are you eager to learn how to have a closer relationship with God and your family? Do you need to know how to manage a home while juggling other duties? Do you want to learn how to effectively minister in your church and neighborhood?

And how should a woman know what to do first? In a hectic day, should a busy mom place a priority on her home? Her kids? A job to pay the bills? What about serving in her church? Helping a sick friend? Where will she ever find the time to develop a close relationship with God among all her other responsibilities?

In Juggling Life's Responsibilities: Biblical Help for the Married Woman, Anne Elliott clearly teaches God’s design for women as given in the Bible. She is concerned women are not learning God’s perspective on the roles and relationships He created for them. Therefore, she wrote this book to be an introduction to what the Bible teaches about five major relationships of a woman:

1. Her relationship to God
2. Her relationship to her husband
3. Her relationship to her children
4. Her relationship to her home, and
5. Her relationship to the world.

Through her warm style, readers can relate to Anne’s stories of personal failure – and success! In a style that works equally well individually or in a group, Anne methodically leads women through God’s design for them and helps them apply what they’ve learned with special features in each chapter, such as:

· Extra credit assignments to facilitate Scripture memory
· A study guide to complete individually or in a small group
· A group project that will help women in a group develop close relationships with each other
· A list of extra reading that directs women to excellent resources for furthering their understanding of each topic

What makes this book different?
Anne Elliott is just an ordinary woman learning these principles with the help of godly Christians unafraid to step into her life and teach her what the Bible says. As a wife and mother of five, she daily has to choose to either apply God’s Word to her life or choose her own way –- and live with the consequences. She has learned that when she allows the Holy Spirit to control her life, she experiences true peace and contentment. Anne seeks to share these same principles with other women and give hope to every woman that she can become a fabulous testimony to the glory of God.

Readers will be able to relate to Anne’s warm tone and will be reassured as they discover God has big plans for women of all ages. In a culture of stress and tough decisions, Anne’s prayer is that the Word of God presented in Juggling Life's Responsibilities will help women set wise priorities and will change hearts in an unprecedented way!

Download a sample of this great book here

Contact Person: Anne Elliot
Website: Anne's School Place

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