Sue Patrick
is a home school mom with a Bachelor’s Degree from North Carolina State University. While in the process of pursuing a Masters Degree from NCSU, her oldest child was diagnosed with Autism at the age of two. His diagnosis was a crushing blow to her and her husband and she found herself caught between two worlds. One in which she was grieving the loss of the child she had hoped and prayed for for 10 years and another world in which she was determined to do everything humanly possible to help her child.

Her instincts for survival and hopes for her son took over. She spent the next 8 years pursuing her son’s improvement, balance in her life, and an understanding of home schooling, including the special needs child.

Initially she spent all day long raising two small children as best as she could, and most of the night researching and making materials and curriculum to help her son grow and develop to his greatest potential.

She had such great success with his progress, that she began showing other families with children with developmental disabilities what she had learned, and what was working so very well for her son. Over time, with a lot of trial and error and changes—always seeking to understand and improve a system she was developing, she was able to share with more and more families.

She has now packaged her system, Specialized and Structured Teaching in an effort to reach even more families working to achieve the highest academic and cognitive potential they can in their own children. This system works very well with all home schools and all children ranging from “typical” to disabled.

Additionally, she has now written a User's Guide for her Workbox System so that you may now use her system in your home without the need to attend one of her seminars or hiring her for consultation.

Sue's Session will be: Workbox System: An Easy Approach to Optimize and Organize your Homeschool from Preschool to High School

This structured Workbox System will allow you to teach your child more effectively and at the same time help you to better organize your school day. Children using this system stay more focused and mare more successful in learning and completing their school work. Beginning tomorrow, you will be able to provide better organization for you and your children. It will then be easier to set up a school day of curriculum, review, variety and fun, while steering your child to independence and focus.

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  1. Shannon Said,'> August 6, 2009 at 5:32 PM

    Sue, thank you so much again for your message yesterday, and generosity for the military community! I stayed up very late reading your eBook, and got a lot from the first few chapters. I hope to incorporate your system here in the next few days before school starts!!!

    Thank you again for your time, and I hope to meet you sometime at a conference. :o)

    In Christ,
    Shannon Wallace


  2. Anonymous Said,'> August 8, 2009 at 9:14 PM

    I read your eBook all the way through today. I also have two children with special needs. Matthew 8 with Autism and Abby 7 with ADHD. I am so excited to get started with our home school this year thanks to your workbox system. Thank you for taking out all of the work for us home school moms who are new and to those who have been at it for sometime. You have made home school more efficient, fun, fresh and organized. Your system is an answer to prayer!

    Tracy Brown
    Sellersburg, Indiana


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