Leah Nieman is a homeschooling mom of 2 kids. On top of homeschooling, she is grateful to work with her friend Staley at CurrClick.com.

CurrClick was conceived of by these 2 homeschooling moms who brought their young kids to downtown Peoria, IL on a beautiful summer afternoon during a school day. It was simply much too nice a day to stay inside and focus on school work! It was quickly determined that both Moms were homeschooling their children and a special friendship developed. Since then, their children and themselves have maintained close and lasting friendships. They have helped each other maintain a healthy balance between work and homeschooling, a balance that isn't always easy to maintain. CurrClick.com has been a tremendously rewarding endeavor for both Moms. It is especially rewarding to know that CurrClick.com has made homeschooling easier and more affordable for tens of thousands of parents all around the world.

Her session is: Science: It Can Be the "Fun" Subject!

Does the word science conjure up feelings of dread and fear? Often times we worry about the mess experiments create with our younger kids. Then we worry about our ability to teach it at the High School level. The good news is you CAN teach science. Not only can you teach it, but it can be the fun subject everyone in your home looks forward to each week. Join me as we discuss science from Pre K through High School.

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