Graham Scharf is a husband, father, educator and entrepreneur. He has taught in the NYC public schools, has homeschooled his eldest daughter (now 5) through kindergarten, and is co-founder of Graham is seeking, through the gospel, to restore the torn fabric of society by engaging the most powerful unit of human culture (the family) during the critical window of child development (birth to age 5) using the most versatile technology (the internet).

Graham's Session is entitled: Seeing and Being Your role in shaping the lens through which your child sees the world.
During the earliest years of life, children learn from their parents how to see the world. These most basic assumptions that they develop become the lenses through which they see all of life. How can parents intentionally nurture their children during the first five years to help them perceive and love what is good, and true and beautiful? How can parents communicate a God-entranced vision of all things and be patient and prayerful in allowing the Holy Spirit to bring conversion and new life? These are the questions we will tackle together!

Tumblon informs and inspires parents of young children to engage and enjoy their children during the critical early years. Tumblon is the only online platform to provide:
  1. Interactive developmental milestones for each child from birth to 6.
  2. Rich resource recommendations for each child - including Gladys Hunt's Honey for a Child's Heart booklist
  3. An integrated family blog for safely preserving and sharing milestones and memories.
This two-minute tour gives a clear sense of how it works. Parents can create a free account.

You can find Graham here:
Twitter: @tumblondad

Blog: Essential Questions Asking the hard questions about parenting, education and civil society.

Podcast for parents
: Topics of interest to parents of young children, including interviews with doctors, researchers, journalists, policy-makers, children’s authors, toy inventors and others!

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