We have an exciting mixture of things that are included in our virtual gift bags!

The current value is over $250!

Our gift bag is made up of lots of downloadable goodies from some of your favorite homeschool providers.

We currently have contributions from:

China Learning Kit

The Curr-Click package contains downloads courtesy of:
Math Tools
Shirley's Preschool Activities
Read Hebrew Today
Oakes Homeschool Consulting
Hands of a Child
ABC Books
Triple G Academy
Cheryl Moeller Productions
Gentle Shepherd
4R Press
Bluewater Publications
Teaching and Learning Company
Codex Publishing
Spel-Lang Tree
Fortunately For You Books
Super Star Speech
Sather Homeschool
C4 Creations
Ingles 360
Make It Real Learning Company
Koumi Books
Grace Bound Books
R-an-K Enterprises
Cross-Eyed Curriculum
Hip2Homeschool Unit Studies
Amy Puetz
Clever Apple Publishing
LightHome Publications

If you would like to contribute to our gift bag then just contact us at: conference@heartofthemattermagazine.com.

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  1. Anonymous Said,
    http://homeschoolinghearts.blogspot.com/2008/06/gift-bag.html?showComment=1249584147771#c71246762782722831'> August 6, 2009 at 11:42 AM

    What a terrific selection to excite everyone and to advertise product I've never seen before. Thanks to all who contributed! tt of WA


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