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The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach
by Robin Sampson

The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach is a combination of several popular homeschool methods for those that want to make the Bible the center of their school day. Robin will discuss how to give your child a Bible focused, comprehensive education from preschool through high school; one that will train him or her to read, to study, to understand, to love to learn and most importantly to desire and seek true wisdom. This approach can be used for all grade levels. The HOW approach is a guide to combining several methods: Biblical Hebrew education methods, Charlotte Mason, delight directed, thematic unit studies, lifestyle of learning, learning styles, writing to learn and notebooking. Robin provides you with ideas to utilise these popular methods as students spend half the school day studying God's Word and the other half studying God's world (academics). Students study history chronologically and science in the order of the days of creation. Robin has been homeschooling 20 years, blessed with a full quiver, and is a popular author of a dozen homeschool and Bible study books.

Homeschooling with Joy
by Jeannie Fulbright

We all want to be joyful and peaceful as we homeschool, but oftentimes we fall short. Instead of joy, we feel stressed and irritable. In place of confidence, we feel anxious and unsure. We become victims of discouragement, burnout and feel defeated by our own weaknesses and failings. These are the enemies that rob us of the peace that God has promised us as His children. In Homeschooling with Joy, Jeannie will help you identify and conquer the enemies that keep you from experiencing peace, joy and fulfillment in your homeschool journey. She will reveal some of the sources of discouragement and burnout and equip you with tools and truth you need to have victory over these common enemies of the homeschool mom. She’ll also provide you with the answer to replacing stress with peace and irritability with joy.

Finding Quiet Time
by Kendra Fletcher

Time is at a premium for a homeschooling mom, and often the time we want to spend with the Lord is less than we had hoped for. If you feel you need new tools for carving out time in the Word and prayer in the midst of homeschooling, join Kendra Fletcher for a workshop that will encourage and inspire you.

Learning and Having Fun with Your Children
by Loree' Pettit

Are you tired of the traditional textbook approach? Have you wanted to do unit studies but have been afraid to try? If you want to spark a passion for learning in your children then you need to attend this workshop. Fun, unique ways to take any subject and adapt it into a unit study will be covered.

Give Your Child the World: Integrating Travel Into the Homeschool
by Loree' Pettit

Reading and research are great, but when you really want to teach and inspire children, travel! Through travel your child will learn things they never could at home.

Drilling for the Basics
by Sheila Wray Gregoire

Do your kids know their times tables? Do they remember their phonics rules? Do they know what a sentence is? If you’re not sure, it’s probably because you, like most of us, hate drills. We want to teach fun things, rather than forcing our kids to memorize boring stuff that’s hard, too. In this session we’ll outline the benefits to mastering the basics, and then give creative ideas about how you can make sure your kids know them, without pulling teeth!

Setting Goals for your Homeschool
by Sheila Wray Gregoire

Do you secretly worry that your child’s not learning enough? Or do you feel so shackled to your math textbook that your guilt meter rises everytime a lesson doesn’t get done? Free yourself from this stress by setting realistic goals for your homeschooling! Know where you’re going and when you plan to arrive, and you won’t get so tripped up along the way. We’ll cover choosing curriculum that meets your goals instead of bogging you down, creating attainable goals for each child, measuring progress, and re-evaluating at the end of each year. Filled with helpful planning tools that will energize you to keep going!

Teaching Math in Homeschool
by Maria Miller

These days, calculators are ubiquitous, and many kids (it is said) have trouble fully learning their addition and subtraction facts or multiplication tables. In this presentation I discuss if learning math facts is still needful in today's world, and why that is so.

Teaching with Timelines
by Amy Pak

Almost everyone I talk to hated history in school. It's no wonder--the way we were taught made no sense! Join me, Amy Pak, as I show how implementing timelines in your studies will not only connect the puzzle of time together in ways that encourage the understanding of history, but will reveal God's amazing providence throughout it! I will also be sharing with you ideas for making timelines, varieties of them, and utilizing timeline figures in some very cool ways.
And in true "show-and-tell" fashion, included will be a "slide-show"

Hands-on History
by Amy Pak

Take it from someone who abhorred history as a child, when taught the right way, your child will be begging for more! This means living what you learn by making history come alive! I'll show you scads of ways that effect all the senses that will help history become a topic to look forward to in the school day, no matter what curriculum you choose. And as a bonus, you'll develop memories your children will never forget! CAUTION: Learning history in a hands-on way may ignite a fire in your child to want to know more! Also included is a visual presentation with images of these ideas in action.

College Preparation
by Lee Binz

The secrets of our success, plan a rigorous curriculum, record keeping, emphasize specialization, search for scholarships, SAT preparation, preparing high school records, documentation from outside sources, college admission process, tips on how to get a BIG scholarship. Downloadable parent resources, course planning guide included.

Making a Transcript
by Lee Binz

Record Keeping, why make a transcript, determining high school credit, what to include, naming courses, assigning grades, general suggestions on how to make a transcript, advantages of a homeschool transcript. How you write course descriptions or a comprehensive course records. Downloadable sample transcript, comprehensive record sample included.

The Mystery of History
by Linda Hobar

Linda shares five heartfelt distinctives of her award-winning currriculum. Voted into Cathy Duffy’s 100 Top Picks, this classical, chronological, complete course is written from a Christian world view by a homeschooling mother and missionary. In about 35 minutes, Linda will take you through 6,000 years of world history - from Creation to the birth of Christ – integrating Biblical and secular history into one amazing timeline. Like pieces of a mosaic, learn of some major events in history that together portray the beautiful story of God revealing Himself to mankind. Following the presentation, Linda will be available “live” for questions, answers, and some inspiring thoughts.

Faith Forward: Passing Our Values on to the Next Generation
by Angela Parsley
Have you ever looked around at certain peoples grown children and say. "I want mine to turn out that way. What is the trick?" Well then this session is for you. We will be discussing key elements to molding and shaping our children so they will own their faith for themselves. What could be more glorious in parenting then to see our children desiring above all else to live lives fully in love with our Lord.

Homeschooling with Autism
Angela DeRossett
I will be speaking about the beginning stages of homeschooling children with Autism. This includes normal stresses that parents might have, what activities work best for visual vs. auditory learners, book sources, as well as free online sources. These topics will span into what specialist visits might be necessary, testing outside of the home and making the decision that works best in the family’s individual situation. Scheduling will also be a subtopic as homeschoolers are afforded flexible schedules and the standard schedules do not typically work with ASD children. Frequent breaks as well as tactile and outdoor activities will be encouraged as well as positive reinforcement for behavioral issues. I will briefly cover the uses of unit studies as opposed to standard assignments and how tying the child’s interests into learning can simplify learning struggles and have positive outcomes overall.

How to Keep Your Child's Natural Desire to Learn Alive
Ami Brainerd
God has planted seeds of curiosity in every child. Sometimes this curiosity is enough to drive us crazy (“This place looks like a confetti farm!” “…but mom, I was just trying to make paper spaghetti noodles.”). Instead of squelching something we see as overwhelming or annoying, we need to tenderly learn how to cultivate the plant. Ami will walk you through practical ways to keep your student’s curiosity growing and help you to see what the fruits of your harvest will be.

The Price, and the Prize, of Being Peculiar
Belinda Bullard
Television and movies depict our children as misfits. Newspapers label us radical. In reality, we might be all of these and then some (and that’s good news!) There is a preparation of heart and mind for the home educator that allows us to do what we do. Are you willing to be one of a "strange breed?" Could you stand a fresh wind of encouragement in this atypical path you’ve chosen? Belinda will share her heart about preparing for this journey, and taking homeschooling seriously even when those closest to you think it’s a joke.

How to Prepare Your Children for Emotional Purity
Heather Paulsen
In a world full of dating, courtship, and marriage, how do we prepare our young adults for purity with the pressures of our "couple" filled world. Heather will share what emotional purity is, how the mind will become their battlefield, and what you, as a parent, can do to aid them in finding and maintain purity, both emotionally and physically. This workshop will be aimed towards parents of toddlers to teens.

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