Steward Ship is the family – run business owned by Jim and Jennifer Steward which the family manages from their home in Northern California. Steward Ship began with the production of their first product: The Choreganizer…a visual chore system The Stewards developed for their own family. The business has bloomed into a ministry that teaches and encourages parents the how and why of developing a true love for learning. Jennifer is widely known as a humorous and encouraging speaker drawing experience from her twenty three years of homeschooling her eight children. She is the author of Everything You Need to Know About Homeschool Unit Studies along with many other books and guides. Jennifer has encouraged, inspired, and instructed hundreds of parents nationwide with her popular workshops with an emphasis toward interactive learning using living books and notebooks.

Our guides are geared for K-8th, from a Christian perspective, and are tailor made for home educators. The guides are Mom friendly…in fact, moms often comment that they find ours “doable”. Our guides allow you to take “one bite at a time” instead of trying to sift through a huge curriculum. Each guide contains: a study outline showing what you could study with enough information for at least a month long study. They each include a large number of assignments arranged by subjects like writing, handwriting, geography, Activities, Bible, Spelling / Vocabulary, History OR Science (depending on the topic of the guide).

Sample File: Study of Ancient Rome Guide

If you choose Westward Movement (History) then there are no science assignments. If the guide you choose is Weather (Science) then there are no history assignments. Our guides also have a list of beginner and intermediate spelling / vocabulary words, a resource list of great books we thought you could easily obtain easily, and an appendix containing reproducibles to go with some listed assignments. These guides are not specific and there is still some planning you must do. Topics include: Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Medieval Times, Columbus, Pilgrims, Colonial Times, Revolutionary War, Lewis & Clark, Westward Movement, Pony Express, Civil War / Slavery / Underground Railroad, Pirates, Cowboys, Lincoln, Nutrition, Solar System, Penguins, Animals, Ants, Insects, Creation Science, Water, Volcanoes, Oceans, Farm Life, Plants, Art History, Weather, Musical Instruments and more!
These are the first two items we feel are our best HELPS and the ones we’d like to see in your hands!

An easy to use HOW - TO manual which dispels myths about unit studies like “too much planning” and “having to be creative” and instead shows how to simplify unit studies using notebooks and living books. Because the book is cohesive and easy to read, this 197 page book inspires readers and helps them understand the value of real learning! Includes a visual section full of forms, samples and planning sheets. You’ll find the KEY information which streamlines and guarantees success by looking for the little ‘lightbulb’ symbols throughout the book. This book containts, well, EVERYTHING! $19.95

A great resource providing a huge number of generic ideas for assignments. It can be used for any topic of study and with children of all ages! Includes a simple instructional book that makes it easy for moms to help their children build their very own notebook and over 50 reproducible master sheets that can be photocopied and used over and over. Some of the forms include: Preschool Lined Paper, Section Divider Designs, Vocabulary Word Sheet, Book Report Form, Notebook Timeline, Thematic Writing Paper and much more! Great complimenting resource to “Everything You Need To Know About Homeschool Unit Studies” $19.95

High School Unit Studies at Home Vol. I If you’ve used our other materials, you’ll love using our high school Unit Studies too. Volume I is now available. NOTE: The skill level doesn’t change with each volume – just the content. 9 unit studies contained in each volume. $34.95

Representatives: Kally and Brooke Steward – the two “employees” who will gladly help you with questions or orders! Introducing Brooke (19) and Kally (17) These are two of our daughters who work in our business. Brooke typically answers the phone and helps our customers with questions and orders. Kally works our booth at conventions and conferences. People love to talk with the girls because they just bubble over with their enjoyment of books and learning!

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