Sheila Wray Gregoire is a syndicated parenting columnist and a popular speaker. The author of four books, including How Big Is Your Umbrella?, with more on the way, she loves encouraging women to forget about the dust bunnies under their beds and keep their focus on Jesus! She also has a passion for family, and together with her husband Keith speaks at Family Life marriage conferences. You can usually find her in Belleville, Ontario, where she homeschools her two daughters and knits. Preferably simultaneously.

Sheila's Session Will Be:
Living Up to the Potential of Homeschooling

We homeschoolers believe that real learning takes place best in the home. But is your home catering to real learning? Or are you getting bogged down by curriculum choices that don’t work, housework, and everyday life? Learn how to live up to the potential of homeschooling, as we raise children that can think critically, communicate effectively, and act responsibly! A practical seminar on choosing curriculum, planning, and visioning.

Sheila Wray Gregoire.

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How Big Is Your Umbrella?
Weathering the Storms of Life

While we may dream of the fairy-tale "happily ever after" life, deep inside we know that storms are just around the corner. How will we handle loss when we feel like our lives, and what we hold dear, has been ripped away from us? How Big Is Your Umbrella walks us through this journey, beginning with the accusations we often hurl at God, finally finding shelter as we listen to His still, small voice, even in the midst of the wind and the rain.

To Love, Honor and Vacuum:
When you feel more like a maid than a wife and a mother...
Do you feel harried? Taken for granted? Like you never have enough time in the day to get everything done that needs to get done, let alone anything that you actually want to do?

To Love, Honor and Vacuum: When you feel more like a maid than a wife and a mother helps women find peace in the midst of their hectic lives. I give it to you straight: do you do everything around your house, but never have time for the important things? Are you inadvertently teaching your family members to treat you with disrespect? Or are you simply overwhelmed by keeping a house while you've also got toddlers underfoot? I'll teach you how to put first things first, and foster relationships where you'll feel more appreciated, less harried, and more fulfilled.

Honey, I Don't Have a Headache Tonight:
Help for Women who Want to Feel More in the Mood
An "Our Pick" from Today's Christian Woman!
It's 10:00 at night. He wants to start snuggling. You want to start snoring. He feels unloved because you aren't "in the mood", and you feel unloved because he only cares about one thing.
If you want to break this impasse, this book is for you!

Reality Check

A collection of 84 of Sheila's favourite columns
For everyone who loves kids but is in need of some common-sense wisdom with a good dose of humour, Reality Check will help you think, relax, and even laugh.

Spend a lot of time in the car? Why not get some encouragement from one of Sheila’s talks? They're available for download now, or you can purchase CDs.

When you're stuck in traffic, or stuck doing the dishes, give yourself something to chew on! Pick up a talk today, including some specifically for homeschoolers!

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