Welcome to educational scrapbooking products! We have taken the best of notebooking, lapbooking, unit studies and scrapbooking and made a system of learning that will let your student’s creativity and individuality shine through. products can be used by students of all ages and can be as detailed or as simple as you, the teacher, decide to make it. It can be used in homeschool settings, larger classrooms or as an enrichment tool. Watch this site for upcoming kits, including Birds! Shakespeare! Dogs! Famous Composers! and more!


Representative Name: Sheri Stukel, Creator

E-mail Address: ssstukel@ScrapandLearn. com


Hi, I’m Sheri and I’m the creator of Educational Scrapbooking Kits. I developed these kits (actually, I’m still developing them!) after running all over town looking for stuff to scrapbook our Oceans unit with. I just kept thinking – I wish someone would just sell a kit! It turns out that someone was me. Our first kit is Pirates! and our second kit, Birds, is coming out in August. After that, look for Shakespeare, Dogs, Founding Fathers, Armchair Traveler, Great Masterpieces and more. Our hope is that each child comes away with an experience and a keepsake he will treasure all his life.

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