NotebookLearning provides daily free notebooking pages for educational use. You can also purchase complete sets such as "25 Classic Poems", "I Can Learn the Alphabet!", seasonal collections and more. Most of NotebookLearning's sets contain three sizes of primary (dashed-line) writing lines as well as standard wide rule lines, so that everyone in your family can use the set no matter their writing skill level. NotebookLearning is also proud to offer a free lapbooking kit for the Presidential Election.

"NotebookLearning is a new site dedicated to offering free notebooking pages for educational use. We try to set ourselves apart in two ways. First, we offer at least one new page almost every week day, on a variety of topics. Secondly, we offer not only standard writing lines and one size of primary (dashed) writing lines, but three sizes of primary lines for most pages. This gives families several advantages.

Our goal is to make sure that everyone in a family group can use most pages. Younger children who are just learning to write can use the larger sizes and work through to the smaller sizes as time goes by and their skills increase. Children with fine motor skill problems can use the larger sizes to accomodate their abilities. And families with several children in a wide age range can all use the same pages together - and we all know how much younger siblings want to be just like the older ones!

Since lapbook elements can also be used in notebooks (just add them to a page, or add a separate page) we also offer some lapbooking elements. Not only that, we do also have an entire lapbook kit about the Election Process that is available for free on the site!

NotebookLearning also offers a newsletter which comes out approximately once per week during the standard school months. Members will receive a compilation of the newest pages, specials and occasionally exclusive pages that are not released on the main site.

For the sake of convenience, we also have notebooking sets available for sale. These include lots of pages that are not on the main site and give you the ability to have one file that contains the entire subject, rather than having to sift through the site categories and download the pages one by one."

Representative: Melanie Ellis
Web site: - main site - new store

Google talk : ""

"Melanie Ellis is a homeschool mother of two children, ages 12 and 9, who has been blessed with the opportunity to homeschool from the very beginning. She is the former Content Publisher for Homeschool Help Web, where she discovered her interest in designing notebooking pages for homeschool use. She now devotes her work time to designing notebooking pages for her family's use and to share with the homeschooling public."


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HOTMpoem - Save 50 cents on our "25 Classic Poems" set

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There will also be a conference special set available of 100 pages (35 topics) for only $1.00.

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