WE offer fabrics for the homeschool family to use for crafts or sewing at very reasonable prices. We are a young family with 3 little girlsand a baby boy. We know how important it is to have modest clothing. I do all our sewing and love to sew. We want to offer simple modest clothing for people. We are offering modest jumpers, dresses, blouses, vest dresses, cape dresses, maternity jumpers or dresses, nursing jumpers or dresses, in adult, children and baby sizes. I also do table cloths out of the table cloth fabric I have or you can choose your own color from the different fabrics.

Our goal is to provide great quality fabrics and modest custom sewn clothing to our customers. We are excited to be able to bring these products to our customers at great prices.

Representative name: Heidi
Email address: heidi_hein@yahoo.com
Web links: http://www.heidiscountryfabrics.com/
Yyahoo IM: heidi_hein

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