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Maridel Willer is an inspiration. She has gladly shared helpful tips, encouragement, resources and Godly wisdom with me, often bolstering my confidence while showing me the right path. Maridel is modest and enthusiastic. She wants to encourage and uplift. She shares her trials and triumphs easily in hopes of seeing your pursuits bear good fruit. She has helped me to take care of myself and my family by consistently leading me back to the Word of God.

Maridel’s knowledge of how to find good books, interesting toys, and inexpensive learning opportunities for my children has helped my road toward teaching my children to take shape. Witnessing her daily walk of homeschooling her own children with the love and gentleness of spirit that she possesses encourages me to “Press On!” towards the goal of raising children who trust and love the Lord.

Carmen H. from Palm Bay, Florida

On Organizing …

Maridel is incredible. Last year we visited her family in their home and were really impressed with her organizational skills, in her home, her thinking, and her organizing the conference where we spoke.

The weekend following our conference, Maridel and her family visited us and we totally reorganized a huge part of the house. We accomplished an incredible amount of work--and it was done with such joy!

Tina Farewell

Maridel (pronounced Mary Dell) Willer was promoted from corporate project manager to full time wife and mother in 1998. She writes to encourage women to embrace motherhood and enjoy the blessings of a home centered life. In addition to inspiration and encouragement, she shares practical advice on home organization, time management and family relationships.

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