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It is our heartfelt prayer that children develop a love of learning that will not end when they are finished with "school." We at Home School in the Woods have a passion for supporting the education of our children, specifically in understanding God's providence through history.

With eras of "time" being such an abstract concept, a child can have difficulties wrapping his young mind around the idea of it! (Adults, too!) Quite often the student will become frustrated and bored, resulting in a deflated desire to understand the subject at all.

Understanding when and where events took place, however, is crucial to understanding the patterns that evolved throughout history! It also illustrates God's hand in all things from civilizations to sciences, something unfortunately left out in public school educations today.

The key factor lacking in teaching the subject of history was transforming it from an abstract concept to a concrete framework, visible and even tangible! Practically all people, young or old, rely on visualizing in order to learn. A child will see patterns happening and will make sense of how one event leads to another or a person's importance affecting a turn of events. Once you add in a hands-on element, you create an environment where the child has additional exposure to the lesson, building memories relating to the project that will further cement the lesson in his mind.

Thus, HISTORY Through the Ages Historical Timeline Figures was born! Timelines help tremendously when putting the puzzle of history together. They allow you to follow across eras of time using illustrated figures to represent people and events key to world history. Using them on a wall will allow you to see the global picture, or you can use them in a notebook for portability that will become both a valuable resource and treasured keepsake!

We are also pleased to announce a new line of history resources, the Time Travelers History Study series on CD. These studies help by not only teaching the topic in unit study fashion, but also by providing several hands-on activities to accompany each lesson!

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Timelines are a wonderful way to see all of history at a glance! They help visualize the procession of time and how one event spurs on another. They also help you see history by the slice - what was happening at various places in the world at the same time. Timelines help the most visual of learners grasp the abstract idea of "time" in a hands-on way. Your kinesthetic learner will benefit from the cutting and coloring of the figures. They are wonderful for the auditory learner as each figure has a descriptive text to remember key points of each person or event. Best of all, they inspire a love of learning about the people and events that made a mark in the world, reinforcing that knowledge by taking part in putting the "puzzle" of history together!


Leave text books and workbooks aside and bring your child right into the adventure with hands-on projects in every lesson!

Each lesson begins with a briefly written Lesson Text followed by activity choices to reinforce the topic. Choose the activies that work best for your family! Also included are Project Pages providing directions, supplies needed, and illustrations for each of the projects. A Photo Gallery also offers a visual aid of the final outcome of the projects.

Beautifully detailed Masters are provided for all printable projects! The Project Pages will provide printing instructions. Make history "hands-on"

and develop a love of learning in your child!


Each Activity-Pak contains projects on a topic for one complete Lap Book™, as well as one or two other accompanying activities to embellish your studies!

Included in the Activity-Pak are step-by-step

directions for each project, directions and photos for Lap Book™ assembly, and all the printable masters needed to complete each activity!

Use them to accompany any text you are using, whether curriculum, studies, or living books! Or, use the Lap Book™ to guide your studies by adding reading and research to each project as you do them!

Sample Files: Head on over to the website and look for the big blue button on the left for more sample files!

Figures for use with Mystery of History III:

Timeline Figures:

Time Travelers:




Ed and Amy Pak have been homeschooling their four children for 12 years.

As Amy’s relationship with history blossomed, she developed a desire to share her God-given, creative talents through history resources that provided both visual and hands-on applications. This resulted in their home-based business, Home School in the Woods, established in 2002. With their children now on board, Ed, Amy, and children, Jaron and Hayley, continue to develop new resources, helping children embrace a passion for history.

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