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We protect your right to homeschool and defend your family. Emergency legal assistance is available 24-7.

We preserve homeschool freedom by promoting homeschooling and working at the federal level and with state homeschooling groups to advance better laws and stop bad laws.

HSLDA... Protect your family--Join today!

You are part of the cause. Even if you don’t experience any legal problems, it's important to stand together to keep homeschooling free, for this and future generations.

Other Valuable Benefits

In addition to professional legal representation for your homeschool, we also provide the following benefits for our members.

HSLDA e-lert service notifies you of urgent action alerts on legislation and provides you with a Weekly Update on homeschooling-related news.

HSLDA @home e-vents bring interesting and helpful speakers into your own home through live, interactive, online seminars, with free or discount pricing for HSLDA members.

HSLDA bookstore features books, graduation supplies, and more—at discounted prices for members!

Curriculum Market hooks you up with the right book at the right price. This online auction site is for the sale of used curriculum and materials related to homeschooling.

HSLDA Coordinators offer compassionate advice, encouragement, and resource suggestions for homeschooling Pre K–8th grade, highschool, and struggling learners.

Member PerX are HSLDA’s negotiated exclusive discounts on a wide variety of goods and services. Offering members Xtra benefits.

Home School Court Report is a bi-monthly magazine which provides news on current litigation and homeschooling issues.

Why You Need HSLDA

For more detail on who we are and what we do, click here.

Dan BeasleyIf you have any questions, please contact our online conference representative, Dan Beasley, by chat ("DanB HSLDA" on AIM) or email info@hslda.org.

Legal assistant to HSLDA Attorney Michael Donnelly, Dan is a homeschool graduate and is in his second year of law school at Oak Brook College of Law.

Selected Items from Our Bookstore

Graduation Caps, gowns, diplomasGraduation Items

You can order everything you need for a formal homeschool graduation ceremony. Our bookstore offers caps, gowns, tassles, and diploma certificates in a padded case. We also have formal invitations in various styles.

Graduation Caps, gowns, diplomas

From Tyndale to Madison

by Michael P. Farris

From Tyndale to Madison is a sweeping literary work that passionately traces the epic history of religious liberty across three centuries, from the turbulent waning days of medieval Europe to colonial America and the birth pangs of a new nation. Without sugarcoating either side of the story, author Michael Farris—a constitutional lawyer who regularly defends religious freedom on Capitol Hill—shares eye-opening historical details regarding sacrifices people made then to secure the inalienable rights we enjoy today.

Graduation Caps, gowns, diplomasHome Schooling: The Right Choice

by Christopher J. Klicka

Written by home schooling father of seven and HSLDA Senior Counsel, Christopher J. Klicka, The Right Choice is a comprehensive home schooling handbook. It covers the biblical basis for home schooling and the constitutional right to home school, as well as home schooling’s history and benefits, academic success through college, how-to tips, teaching children with special needs, handling social workers, rights in the military, and much, much more!

Other Items in the Bookstore

We have many other encouraging books for homeschooling moms and dads, debate and constitutional law curriculum, and unique materials on U.S. history. Click here to view our catalog.

Highlights from Our Website

HSLDA's website is the most comprehensive place for information on homeschool laws, current and proposed state and federal legislation, and news about homeschooling.

We have a huge Homeschooling Thru Highschool section, including some concise brochures on planning for high school, recordkeeping and transcripts, and preparing for the work force or college.

Our new Homeschooling Thru the Early Years section has information to help you get started and homeschool from preschool through middle school.

Visit our Struggling Learner section, for help assessing your child's learning issues and determining if homeschooling is the best choice to meet his challenges. You'll find a great deal of information on legal issues, frequently asked questions, and many other resources.

Join with us and over 85,000 families to preserve and protect the freedom to homeschool!

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