Fortunately For You Books creates products for hands-on and visual learners. A love for reading and learning is supported and nurtured with a variety of items and tools.

Pockets of Time: Pockets that hold color coded cards. Cards are themed for each chapter and book that contain sequential information from the chapter they just read. Did Johnny really understand what he read? Did he pickup interesting details? You will know by a quick glance at the colored cards they placed in order inside the pocket. Pockets of Time are made for an ever growing collection of good story books.

Pockets of Time for the Magic Tree House Series: A collection of Pockets designed for the Magic Tree House readers. Our Pockets are perfect for assessments for the young reader who is learning to read on their own.

Remember Me Pockets: Believing that God can use any event or person to teach us something, Fortunately For You Books has created a new Remember Me Pockets line for special remembrances all through the month. Some of the activities will be fun, some are historical and more reflective. The Remember Me Pockets use all of the formats designed by FFYB for assessments and create special worksheets every month.

Unit Studies: Unit Studies are based on classical literature. Our unit studies are unique in several ways. We use "micro burst" teaching combined with a Charlotte Mason style of learning. As you read the story to your child, or they read independently, lessons and activities which pertain to history, science, health, language, art, and Bible are gathered from that chapter.

Lines of Time: Lines of Time is similar to our Pockets of Time but instead of a pocket, a timeline template is given. Copies are made for every chapter. There are graphic elements (such as chapter number and title) placed on the timeline in random order, but the sequence of events must stay true to the story. These are placed on the timeline and a quick glance at the connected pages will show if your child has read and comprehended the story. These connected lines of time can be folded and placed into a binder or displayed either vertically or horizontally on a wall.

Little Pockets of Time: Little Pockets of Time is a carefully chosen and designed preschool activity for little ones. Basic skills have been pulled from a story. These skills are reinforced through a matching activity. One idea is passed through a window frame. The child looks at this concept and finds its match on a card on the table in front of him.

Grammar By the Book: The need for retaining grammar information and correlating it with the book being read is provided in Grammar by the Book. This grammar guide can be used with any book and with any grade level.

Pockets of Copywork: Pockets of Copywork is four weeks worth of copywork which is placed into a pocket for storage and for a lovely portfolio presentation. Every month's work has a theme. Lyrics, poems, Bible verses, and quotes are given for a student to read and then copy on the sheets provided.

Holiday Products: Our holiday line combines all of our formats for all ages. Make each holiday special with your favorite stories. You provide the well worn book and we provide the stress free assessment!

Tags of Time: Tags of Time is another reading comprehension activity which uses a scrapbooking approach. This line is very nice for the artistic child. Sequencing the events and adding special elements for each chapter will test your child's comprehension while engaging their creativity.

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