Sandra is America's FAVORITE Art Teacher, A Fellowship Award Recipient from Rhode Island School of Design and has Specialized in Teaching Art to THOUSANDS of NON-ARTISTS for 18 years!

Sandra says: "Didn't you just hate that kid over in the corner drawing super sonic jets when your airplane looked like a goose egg with web feet? Or the little girl whose horses belonged in the Winner's Circle when your hose looked like a mutant rat on stilts?

Well if your art never made it to the bulletin board or even to your dad's dart board, I have good news. I have taught more than 18,605 people how to draw, even when they didn't think they had ANY talent! Take a look at some of the thousands of success stories. I think you'll agree these Before and After drawings are AMAZING? If your art didn't make it to your mom's fridge, maybe you can make it to mine! Let me teach you how to draw the EASY WAY!" See more amazing student art in my gallery called Sandra's Fridge.

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Classroom in a BAGTM

Everything you need to Take Art in Your Easy Chair:

Books, DVDS and all the supplies.

· Fellowship Award for Teaching Excellence - Rhode Island School of Design

· Widely acclaimed comprehensive art curriculum that takes you from absolute amateur to accomplished artist

· Producer 18 Award Winning Videos/DVDS

· Emmy Nomination

· 1st. Place Videographer Award, Boston Bookseller Award, WAVE Award, Communicator Award, Honorable Mention Writers Digest Award, etc.

· Author of 4 books/40+ magazine columns

· Many national TV appearances including: ABC, HGTV, Discovery Channel, TNN, CNN

· Her students have gone on to exhibit in the Smithsonian, win top awards, get published, become full time artists, experience medical breakthroughs, psychological releases, radical life transformations

· For more click here:


Skype Screen Name: ArtCoach

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