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CurrClick.com is the #1 eBook Curriculum site online today with 10,000 of the most popular homeschool titles created by hundreds of top homeschool and education publishers. All of our material is instantly downloadable, previewed, and 30% cheaper than retail with no shipping charges. CurrClick.com gives a way a complete new title each week with no obligation to buy anything. There are no membership fees or requirements - just purchase the titles you want, when you want them. CurrClick.com is run by 2 homeschool Moms who understand the value of home education and the importance of good quality curriculum choices.

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The Benefits of Homeschooling with eBooks on CurrClick.com:
Benefits of Homeschooling

CurrClick.com sells all the curriculum you are already familiar with, and some new curriculum you may not yet know about in eBook format. Hundreds of top publishers sell their material on CurrClick.com and many of them offer exclusive sales, available only on CurrClick.com. Here are some exciting words, articles and even video casts from a few of our favorite publishers! Listen, read and watch carefully for exclusive HOM conference sales and specials!

Connect the Thoughts
Homeschool Courses in History, Science, Creative Writing and the Arts

Connect the Thoughts Video Cast featuring author, Steven Horwich
Connect The Thoughts Video Cast

What is Connect the Thoughts by author, Steven Horwich
What Is Connect?

How to Homeschool by author, Steven Horwich
How To Homeschool

Grace Bound Books
Quality Christian Education Materials with a Special Needs Focus

Grace Bound Books PodCast featuring author, Tara Bertic
Gracebound Mp3

LightHome Publications
Creative Penmanship with a Purpose

How Much Do Your Kids Like to do Handwriting, by author, Joy Marie Dunlap

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