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I started a blog in the fall of 2005, wrote a couple of self-conscious posts, and abandoned it. I just didn’t get blogging. A few months later the winners list from the 2005 Homeschool Blog Awards appeared in my new issue of The Old Schoolhouse magazine. Blog awards? I never imagined such a thing! I perched in front of my computer, magazine in hand, and began to read. A blogger was born.

My love of blogging grew into a love of designing and I started my own blog design business, Barefoot Blog Designs. I learned by constant redesigns of my own blog, as well as reading books on Photoshop, Dreamweaver and online tutorials.

We made the decision to homeschool in 1993. Our oldest son attended public kindergarten and first grade, but homeschooled from second through twelfth grade. We have grown into one of those large homeschooling families - you know, the ones in the 15-passenger vans (ours is green) - with 8 children ranging from 3-22. That means I will eventually, Lord willing, homeschool my children for around 30 straight years. This year we will have preschoolers, elementary, middle, and high schoolers.

I’m a true Southerner - born and raised in Arkansas, with most of my adult life in Georgia - with the accent to prove it. I enjoy watching my kids play sports; hanging out with my church sisters; photography; web design; being in the mountains; and amazingly enough, doing laundry, which is a really good thing since we have a lot of it. I am addicted to sweet tea, gummy bears, and Photoshop.

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