1. Home School in the Woods is offering a set of their Creation to Christ timeline figures and an Activity-Pak of choice.

Kimberly Cummins

2.Heather Paulsen is donating an autographed copy of her book Emotional Purity.

Susan Downs

3. The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is contributing a copy of their new The Old Schoolhouse Planner.

Jamie Serna

4. TG! Magazine is contributing a free subscription to the next three issues of their magazine.

Deborah Jenkins

5. Math Facts NOW! is offering a copy of their Math Facts NOW! CD-ROM.

Laura Peacemaker

6. Luke Holzmann is donating five signed copies of his children’s book Time for Friends.

ingrid stassi

Traci Dove

Rosina Huber

Gina Conroy

Naomi Moore

7. Share HIS Story will be giving away one of their beautiful new Home Schooling bracelets. You may very well be the first person to have one of these customizable charm bracelets, as our conference is the first place this bracelet has been announced!!

Crystal Warford

8. Sandra Angelo is offering the Level One 150 page workbook So You Thought You Couldn't Draw?tm

Dixie Stone

9. and one of the four companion DVDs, Drawing Basics.

Ruth van den Brink

10. Sandra is also offering four 6-Month Subscriptions of her online video art classes.

Heidi Jo Kemp

Molly Boulter

Lisa Groves

Brenda Keller

11. Heidi's Country Fabrics is offering 3 yards of fabric to two winners.

Jonnia Smith

Shan Walker

12. Blackbird & Company is offering one free Level 1, 2 or 3 literature guide bundle.

Jenn Walden

13. Tiany Davis, founder of The Homeschool Lounge is offering a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

Tina James

14. Sonlight Curriculum is offering five copies of Sonlight Cooks, a cook-book comprised of hundreds of submitted recipes from Sonlight users.

Megan Dunham

Ginny Donahue

Jennifer Kania

Angela Parsley

Judith Owens

15. Mystery of History author Linda Hobar is contributing a fabulous Rand McNally Historical Atlas.

Erica Barbour

16. Vision Forum is contributing a $50 gift certificate to their online store.

Karen Woodward

17. Kelli Crowe is donating autographed copies of her two books…Designing with Details: A scrapbooking idea book;

Erinn Clough

18. and DW Recipe Book: Recipes for great scrapbook pages.

Bunny Perry

19. Barefoot Books is donating a copy of The Barefoot Book of Knights

Orilla Crider

20. and Shakespeare’s Storybook.

Brandie Langer

21. Bright Minds BRAIN-athon Emporium is offering 2 Stories with Holes books

Amy Tuttle

22. and a My Word! Game.

Darcy M.

23. The Foil Hat is contributing a $25 gift certificate for one of their Bath, Body and Home products of your choice.

Dawn dawn@myhomesweethomeonline.net

24. A Journey Through Learning is offering 2 prizes: Government and the Election Process Lapbook/Unit Study

Lynn Pitts

25. and Overview of the 20th Century Unit Study.

Amy Fleeker

26. Science2Discover is contributing a CD-ROM of "My Name Is Gene" .

Heidi Strawser

27. Tobin's Lab is donating 2 items: The Ultimate Lap Book Handbook,

Mary Harper

28. as well as a Butterfly Garden.

Terri Sue Bettis

29. Blue Thistle Books is contributing a gift card to their online store for $50.

Michelle Griswold

30. Steward Ship is giving away a copy of Everything You Need to Know About Homeschool Unit Studies;

Audrey Bjur

31. and Everything You Need to Build a Unit Study Notebook.

Candace Crabtree

32. Knowledge Quest is donating a copy of The Star-Spangled State Book

Heather Tully

33. and a copy of A Child's Geography: Explore the Holy Land.

Rebecca Kvenvolden

34. The team here at Heart of the Matter is offering a $50 Amazon gift certificate.

Ami Brainerd

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