What is Educator?

Educator.com is an innovative web service that brings together eager learners with great teachers in a virtual atmosphere of one-on-one tutoring. Instructors are all experienced college professors and are chosen based on student reviews and several rounds of interviews.

Why use Educator?

Educator presents educational material in a unique learning interface which utilizes two simultaneously playing videos, one of the instructor and one of a writing tablet reminiscent of a chalkboard, on which the instructor actively demonstrates concepts and examples during the lecture. “The Educator.com experience is designed to feel like the user is coming in my office for personal help,” said Dr. Jennifer Switkes, Educator Calculus instructor. “But unlike set office hours, the student can learn anytime, anywhere.”

“Educator is designed to cover anything you might have problems with in your homeschool curriculum,” said Dr. Grant Fraser, Educator Algebra instructor. “Educator presents an unprecedented, meticulous, and exhaustive indexing of each subject. Using our powerful search engine, a student can pinpoint down to the second exactly where in a lecture their problem topic is explained.” No need to watch a whole lecture or jump around aimlessly. Just search and learn.

Try it out

Subjects currently include algebra, biology, calculus, chemistry, computer science, and statistics, with more subjects in development. Be sure to try out the free complete lectures shown with darkened links in the syllabus, or look to the right sidebar for “Free Sample Training.” Here is a quick example of a Calculus II lecture in Arc Length. Lectures also have extra worked out video examples and Quick Notes.

How much does it cost?

Users receive unlimited access to hundreds of lectures over nine subjects for a monthly subscription fee of $20 or yearly access for $200. We hope to equalize education by offering top instruction at an affordable rate. Sign up here.

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