Olde-Books.com exists to present 1800's authors to the modern world. We use e-Books to bring the godly authors into your home on your computer or e-Book reader. Olde-Books.com has a Christian flavor and chooses books that present a Biblical Worldview throughout their pages. We also offer e-Books by authors of the past which teach skills that are still applicable in today's world.

We produce e-Books of public domain authors of the 1800’s. We try to have a variety of topics and authors available for immediate download. Some of our authors include WHG Kingston, RM Ballantyne, Isabella Alden, Oliver Optic, Horatio Alger, and Edward Ellis. My categories are Literature for the Family, Skills for the Family, Historical Fiction, and Old West. We are always adding new books and new categories.

We have always had a love of books, but especially old books. Because of the cost of printing, it did not seem practical for us to offer hard copy books. Thus, we decided to go with the e-Book option. Olde-Books.com also wants people to have affordable access to Christian and Godly authors instead of the ungodly books sold today as reading material. Even though it is much better to have a physical book to have on your bookshelf, some people want to read these books, but can’t afford the price of a hard copy. E-Books make it easy to build an e-library of these inspiring authors.

With Olde-Books.com you can count on us for

~Bringing yesterday’s Christian authors to today’s family

~Immediate download

~Affordable options for homeschoolers

Historical Fiction

For the Liberty of Texas by Edward Stratemeyer
The story of the Radbury family who are living in Texas when the Mexican war breaks out. The two sons, Ralph and Dan, go through many adventures with Comanches and the Mexican raiders. The father joins the war, and takes part in many of the early battles of the Texan War of Independence. Dan Radbury and Poke Stover, a trapper, take part in the Alamo but manage to escape the general massacre. Edward Stratemeyer provides a treasure horde of details on the battles, including Gonzales, the Alamo, San Antonio, Concepcion and San Jacinto. This book is the first edition in the "Mexican War Series, By Edward Stratemeyer." 136 pages. Price: $5.00

Count Ulrich of Lindburg by W.H.G. Kingston
A story of the reformation in Germany under Martin Luther. Ulrich's son, Eric, journeys to Wittenburg to be educated under Luther and his students. Ulrich's family is divided between Catholicism and Protestantism, and one of his daughters is imprisoned in a convent. The bitter feud between Baron Schweinsburg and the Count Ulrich causes Eric to be kidnapped and also imprisoned in the Baron's hold. To say more would subtract from the story! Kingston's story ends with the Count's family reunited. 46 pages. Price: $4.25

History and Biography

History of France by Charlotte Yonge
Mrs. Yonge wrote this out of print book for use in schools. This edition is set up with the numbered paragraphs just as it would be used in public schools in the 1800's. In this volume, France is discussed from the beginning of the House of Paris and Hugh Capet in 987 to the Franco-Prussian War, or the Franco-German War, in 1870. She gives an overview of this influential country's history, dwelling on the highlights of kings and events while still mentioning the lesser kings. This version is very good short study to help in any study of history of the world. 51 pages. Price: $3.50

World's Great Men of Music - Baroque and Classical by Harriette Brower
Written in 1922 by Harriette Brower, a piano teacher whose love of the old composers prompted her to pass it on to her students. This is the first volume in a series of four. Palestrina, Bach, Handel, Gluck, Haydn, and Mozart are the masters covered from the baroque and classical time periods. 42 pages. Price: $3.50

Old West

The Golden Canyon by G.A. Henty
A story of gold seekers in California. Dick Preston and Tom Haldane are involved in a street scuffle in San Diego and save the life of a miner. Because of their friendship, the miner takes them to the "Golden Canyon" where legend says is full of gold veins and nuggets. Henty shows that the band must be cautious to protect against Apache Indians who are not pleased at their arrival. In the end, they must escape from the Apaches who are determined to kill them! 48 pages. Price: $4.25

Over the Rocky Mountains by R.M. Ballantyne
The story of Wandering Will's adventures in the gold fields of California. Will goes west to claim his inheritance left by his uncle, along with his friends Larry O'Hale and Big Ben. Of course Ballantyne does not allow Will to make it "Over the Rocky Mountains" in peace and without a struggle. If you enjoy a western, you will appreciate the adventures through which Will must make his way. 50 pages. Price: $4.25

Literature for the Family

The Boat Club by Oliver Optic
The story of how Frank Sedley is able to assist the Weston family. With the help of his father, he forms a boat club to help row the boat Captain Sedley bought for the club. Tim Bunker, however, is not pleased that his gang of boys does not rule the lake, and is determined for revenge. His revenge strikes against Tony Weston, who is the son of the Widow Weston. Tony is accused of stealing a wallet, but he is helped by the Sedley family to reaffirm his innocence. This is the first book in a series soon to be completed by Olde-Books.com. 94 pages. Price: $4.25

The Tin Box by Horatio Alger, Jr
The Tin Box is the story of the rivalry between Harry Gilbert and Phillip Ross. Harry is a poor boy working to support his widowed mother. Phillip is the selfish and overbearing son of a rich colonel. Phillip's haughtiness towards an accident between the duo creates a tension that is carried to a far extent by Phillip. At the same time, Harry discovers a tin box of stolen bonds, and he tries to get them returned to their owner. The story intensifies as Phillip's gambling debts are paid with his father's stolen bonds, different from those in the tin box, and Harry is accused of the crime. Alger drafts a fine story around the events in the life of Harry Gilbert. 128 pages. Price: $4.25

Skills for the Family

The Book of Sports - Swimming by William Martin
Part of the "Book of Sports" collection. Martin shows you in this volume how to swim. He gives the basic swimming lesson, but also how to dive, how to tread water, how to float, and how to plunge. He shows how to swim like a dog and how to swim like a porpoise. Introduced in this volume is the Bernardi Upright Swimming Technique. Notably, he also shows the safety precautions for cramp and rescue. It is very interesting that Martin quotes Benjamin Franklin in the first section. Franklin tells in his own words how he swam with a kite and his own opinions on this healthy sport. 21 pages. Price: $2.75

The Growing of the Fruit Plants by L.H. Bailey
L.H. Bailey was a garden expert who was held in high esteem in the early 1900's. He shows the prospective fruit-gardener how to select trees, prune, and preserve the fruit. He also covers how to grow Almond, Apples, Apricot, Blackberry, Cherry, Cranberry, Currant, Dewberry, Fig, Gooseberry, Grape, Mulberry, Nuts, Orange, Peach, Pear, Plum, Quince, Raspberries and Strawberries. This book is a very good primer on the basics of fruit-gardening! 51 pages. Price: $3.50

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