Homeschooling high school is a joy and a challenge!

Thinking about homeschooling high school can fill parents with anxiety! We wonder….
Am I capable of teaching high school subjects? Can my child get into college if we homeschool high school? Will I ruin my child's future?

The GOOD NEWS: homeschooling high school is the best life preparation you can give your children. The GREAT NEWS: you are fully capable of providing that quality education. You lack for nothing – except tools and confidence. That is where I can help!

My name is Lee Binz, and I am The HomeScholar. This is a place for you to find the resources and tools you need to succeed. I understand these concerns because I've lived through them myself.

Here are some examples of how I have helped parents overcome their high school problems. Are you one like one of these parents? Can I help you?

Sally is a veteran homeschool parent, but was fearful of the transition to high school. I provided three hours of individualized information and support. By the time we finished, she was relaxed and confident.

Michelle was overwhelmed with the complexities of college applications, and called me regularly for advice. We discussed strategies each step of the way, and she was able to pull together what she needed and apply before the deadline.

Jenny is a gifted home educator, but wanted an independent third party to look over her high school plan. After one hour, she felt assured to be on the right track, and had tips in many areas.

CJ wanted input on her homeschool. We identified that she was duplicating some course work, which was causing her son frustration. We were able to quickly eliminate the duplication, providing a more enjoyable school situation for her – and for her son.

Deann needed help understanding how to homeschool high school. She watched my video "Preparing to Homeschool High School" and it did the trick! She said "This is fantastic! I feel as though I was able to sit across the table from a close friend and mentor as she guided me through the process of homeschooling high school!"

Cindy called me in a complete panic. She needed a transcript "NOW!" Right then and there, we did a two hour consultation and the next day it was done! She had the transcript in hand, ready to go.

Kim had an unmotivated art student and couldn't afford college. We did a one hour consultation and scholarship search. As a result, her daughter became excited about the college process and was subsequently admitted to her first choice university, with scholarship money.

Alyson was afraid of starting the upper grades and wanted some structure in her homeschool. I scheduled lesson plans so she had a written plan of action.

Sharon decided that she didn't want to "slave over the paperwork." We spent some hours collecting data, and I wrote all the course descriptions for her. Sharon ended up with a Comprehensive Record that looked very similar to mine, and she was thrilled.

When you work with me, you will receive the personal care and expert advice that will help you overcome the many challenges of homeschooling high school. No matter what the issue, I will come alongside and guide you through the process and help you think through the solutions.

Be confident! Homeschooling high school is not only possible, but it is the best way to help your children succeed beyond your wildest imagination!

How do I know? I homeschooled my two boys for eight years, from elementary school through high school. Not only did my boys graduate from high school, but they both received four-year, full-tuition scholarships from their first choice university. Through this process, I learned the secrets on how to homeschool successfully through high school -- secrets that I am very excited to share with you.

Everyone can benefit! Here is what I offer:

NEWSLETTER! I have a free email newsletter, The HomeScholar Record, which provides homeschool training and helpful tips. It will remind you of important dates and tasks, and teach you what you need to know as you start high school, work toward graduation and apply to colleges.

BLOG! I offer free daily blog support on The HomeScholar Helper. Like a "Dear Abby" column for homeschooling high school, this gives just a small tidbit of wisdom or encouragement every day. Subscribe to the blog, and it will come directly to your email inbox or reader every day.

DIG DEEPER! If you need more in-depth information on difficult high school topics, check out my Dig Deeper sites!

OFFICE HOURS! I offer free 10 minute telephone consultations each week. I have free office hours every Wednesday, from 1:00 to 2:00 PM (Pacific); 2:00 - 3:00 (Mountain); 3:00 - 4:00 (Central); 4:00 - 5:00 (Eastern.) If you need me to help, call my toll-free number 1-888-LEE-2HELP.

TRAINING TOOLS! I have low cost training DVDs for parents just getting started in homeschooling high school, and for families struggling to understand the college admission and scholarship process. I also offer my Sample Comprehensive Record to show you what a successful portfolio looks like, from cover to cover.

CONSULTATIONS! I can consult in person or on the phone if you want personalized help. We can discuss your own individual situation, and work together to find solutions. I don't judge your homeschool or evaluate your children - I'm just here to help! Email me or call 1-888-LEE2HELP to set up an appointment.

RECORD KEEPING! You and I can talk together and discuss your record keeping needs. In a two-hour telephone consultation, we can determine what your transcript will look like, including class titles, grades, credit values, and grade point average. If you need help with scheduling or a comprehensive record, I can do that as well!

GROUP SPEAKING! I love speaking to homeschool groups, coops, conventions and college fairs. Take a look at my speaking topics and call me today to set up a presentation!

Where to start? Join my newsletter, subscribe to my blog, and explore this website. None of these things will cost you a dime and you will receive great encouragement along the way. I love helping homeschool families, and I would love to help you, too! My job is to help EVERY family succeed in homeschooling their children through high school!

DO NOT BE AFRAID! You CAN do it, and I can help! I look forward to sharing with you the homeschooling secrets that enabled our family to succeed in homeschooling beyond our wildest dreams!

Teachable Moments

These in-depth training DVDs cover important homeschooling high school topics: "Getting the BIG Scholarships" and "Finding a College". Each 50 minute DVD covers critical information you need to succeed as you homeschool high school. Some are recorded live in front of an audience.

“Preparing to Homeschool High School" DVD
This video series contains the same material as my "Preparing to Home School High School" Crash Course, now indexed for ease of use. Over two and a half hours of instructional material on three DVDs!

Audio Courses
Get valuable training in important high school subjects now on convenient one hour audio CDs. The first audio course offered is "High School Testing" and covers all the standard high school tests, including the SAT, ACT and six more.

Sample Comprehensive Record
This spiral-bound book is a copy of my child's comprehensive record. It is the same document I gave to admissions departments when he was applying for college.

The links below will take you to selected featured articles from my free monthly e-newsletter, The HomeScholar Record. If you want to receive the entire newsletter each month sign up here.

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Lee Binz

Lee Binz is a veteran homeschool mother of two and the founder of The HomeScholar homeschool consulting business. Her mission is to help parents homeschool through high school. She offers a free email newsletter The HomeScholar Record and free support from her blog, The HomeScholar Helper. Lee and her husband live in Seattle. Their sons, Kevin and Alex, homeschooled through high school and now attend Seattle Pacific University on full tuition scholarships. When not busy with The HomeScholar, Lee enjoys being on the board of Washington Homeschool Organization (WHO), being involved in her church, volunteering each week at the clothing bank, and singing in her church choir.

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