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The Authors
N. Celeste Bailey earned a Bachelor of Science degree in microbiology and immunology from the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL. Subsequently, she received a master's degree from New York Medical College in NY and a doctoral degree in biomedical sciences from the City University of New York / Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. As a graduate student, Dr. Bailey spent few years in a renowned molecular immunology laboratory at Columbia University, where she gained tremendous knowledge in the fields of immunology and molecular biology. She, later, did her post-graduate work in the Department of Medicine at the University of California, San Diego. Dr. Bailey published several papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals. She is a member of The American Association of Immunologists (AAI), American Scientific Affiliation (ASA), Publishers and Writers of San Diego (PWSD) and is currently a core adjunct Professor at National University teaching forensic DNA/serology, and the graduate research project.

N. Lucia Eskeland earned a Bachelors of Science degree in chemistry from the University of Florida. Subsequently, she worked for several years in different research laboratories in New York City, including the laboratory of Dr. Bruce Merrifield, a Nobel Prize laureate, who won the prize while she was his laboratory research assistant. Dr. Eskeland earned her doctoral degree in biomedical sciences from the City University of New York / Mount Sinai Medical Center with an emphasis in molecular pharmacology. She went on to do her post-graduate work at the University of California in San Diego. Dr. Eskeland is specialized in molecular biology, pharmacology and endocrinology. She published several papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Dr. Eskeland is a member of American Association For The Advancement Of Science (AAAS), Sigma Xi, the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), and Publishers and Writers of San Diego (PWSD). Dr. Eskeland enrolled in several writing courses for children. She enjoys writing both fiction and non-fiction books.

Both Drs. Bailey and Eskeland, who are twin sisters, have presented successful workshops to teachers at science conventions and are reviewers of articles and books in prestigious science journals. They live in Southern California with their respective families.

Our Products

KNOW YOUR GENE- A High School Workbook. Test your knowledge and you are guaranteed a high score in your high school biology exam on Cell Biology, Genetics and Biotechnology!!

"Know Your Gene" builds on the knowledge gained in any high school biology textbook- with a series of questions and activities to test your knowledge in cell biology, genetics and biotechnology. The book includes case studies related to genetics and forensic science, cell biology and genetics exercises, a cloning activity, and advance activities appropriate for honors and AP Biology. Click here for more information.

CALL ME GENE-Third Edition (October 2005) in CD-ROM (PDF format) or PDF File via E-mail. You will be able to view the full updated new version of the text with many colorful illustrations. Click here for more information. Guarantees a high score in your Life Science exam on Genetics and Biotechnology!!

Call Me Gene is a science book describing the genetic code and the scientific advances in biotechnology. It is very informative and enjoyable to read. The book is appropriate for late elementary/middle-school students, either in the classroom or home school. It covers the genetics and biotechnology unit of the Life Science program for Middle School. It is also suitable for adults who would like to learn about this fascinating subject!
Note: Call Me Gene follows the standards in genetics for many States at the 7th- 8th grade-level.

"Fun With Gene" builds on the knowledge gained in "Call Me Gene" or any other genetics and biotechnology books- with a series of puzzles, genetics trivia questions, cases to solve involving crime-solving, disease control, and agriculture. Children will also learn how to extract DNA from plants, make models of DNA and cells, replicate DNA, and understand mutations.
The workbooks have recently been approved by the Board of Education of the City of New York. Find out more about "Fun With Gene" by clicking on the image.
Package Information. Several packages are available.

MY NAME IS GENE-Third Edition

A book on genetics and biotechnology, (similar to Call Me Gene) but written with a religious perspective. It covers the genetics and biotechnology unit of the Life Science program for Middle School.


Menace in the Walls by Dr. N. L. Eskeland weaves the high tension energy of a mystery into the marvelous world of molds and molecules. This engaging tale creates a thirst for further scientific knowledge in children between the ages of 10-14.

Sample Download: Here

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