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All About Bugs
All About Butterflies
All About Honey Bees
All about Spiders

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Get our popular "All About Horses Unit Study
Bundle) includes Notebooking pages, our
Illustrated Black Beauty Novel as well as Reading
Comprehension Sheets, activities, and more.
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Unleash the Animal-Lover in your child, and make
learning a wonderful adventure! All About Cats and
Dogs Unit Study Bundle: Beautifully illustrated and
full of information, activities, coloring pages and more.
And for the month of August, we are including (for
FREE) our 21-mini-units, The Daily Dog!
Priced to sell! $19.97

King Arthur and Knights Unit Study Bundle:
Want to learn about Medieval Times, Knights,
Castles, Tournaments and more -- this Bundle
will definitely be a favorite with your students.
Includes King Arthur Unit Study; All About
Knights Unit Study; and G.A. Henty's novel The
Boy Knight.
On sale for $19.97

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BrandenburgStudies is now offering "restored out-of-print" textbooks and literature. These textbooks are not only excellent in caliber, but written in a day and age when men still believed that God-was-on-the-throne! In these texts, Darwin is not on the throne; parents and "family" are honored; doing the "right thing" is taught; Creation is the only presentation of the beginning of man's history. (Just $3.99)

The Complete McGuffey Readers + Speller
Get the complete set of McGuffey Readers and the
Eclectic Spelling Book for one low Bundled price.
Just $22.95
(Thats all 8 books for just $2.86 each!)

If you would like a sample of the quality of products available at Brandenburg Studies then try this: The Growing Dictionary

Kate & Andrew; Johnny, Hannah, Husband, John; Lydia; Debbie*; Joshua & Skye; Rebecca; & Elizabeth

My name is Debbie Brandenburg and I am a 53 yr old mother of 7+ and wife to a godly man, John. We reside in a suburb of St. Louis, MO and attend Fenton Crossing Bible Chapel, I began homeschooling 23 years ago when my oldest child, Elizabeth was 4 years old. To our amazement, our daughter not only learned to read and write, and do math, but she excelled well. We were convinced! We have never looked back. Our 5 oldest (and another we took into our family) have graduated from High School and have gone on to college, and two on to graduate school. Our last two at home are of elementary age and high school age. The latter is dual enrolled in college and will graduate early. I have one child who is diagnosed as severely dyslexic, and one who is considered gifted. (The Lord has broadened my steps.)

My Unit Studies and Homeschool Helps have come out of years of use with my own children and also in helping others in our homeschool group. They are WEB interactive, which not only provides the child with a wide variety of learning opportunities, but also instructs him/her using the computer and Internet in a responsible way (a necessary skill in this day and age). I look forward to getting to know you and hope to be able to provide you with years of quality products for your children.

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