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Over 65 items are on sale for up to 40% off and BRAIN-athon Emporium has included an additional 10% off the entire site (including already reduced items) !!! This sale expires on August 4th at the end of the event.

As a homeschool mom and owner of BRAIN-athon Emporium, my passion is to find books, software and games that truly challenge our children's critical thinking skills. Many materials on the market "claim" that they include critical thinking, but ultimately assume that our children understand the processes and strategies associated with it. I believe I have found the BEST materials that ENGAGE our children in deeper levels of analysis which, in turn, produces deeper understanding. The two most important elements in our products is that they are engaging and FUN while developing these life skills. As a result, our children become more thoughtful, independent learners who get their work done more quickly and accurately. Your kids are gonna LOVE this stuff!

We carry the entire line of Bright Minds materials from The Critical Thinking Co. Be sure to go to my website to find hundreds of printable sample pages and over 40 software demo downloads. Each download is at least a complete lesson. Find your favorites: Building Thinking Skills, Mathematical Reasoning, Mind Benders, Editor in Chief, Reading Detective & more!

Lovingly crafted for babies 6-to-24 months old, the program locks out the system and protects your computer and files, allowing your little one to touch any key at all. Babies learn about and play with shapes, colors, animals, letters, numbers and more! All in different fun-filled and uniquely baby friendly environments - all they have to do is touch any key! 4 great titles available!
Demo video available on my website.

Literary Lessons from the Lord of the Rings is a full English credit for the high school level. In addition to The Lord of the Rings, students learn about the ancient epics, Beowulf, the Arthurian stories, over 120 literary terms and much more. Also includes over 600 vocabulary words, a wide range of suggested writing assignments, and all tests and quizzes. Designed as a self-directed study for students in grades 7-12 but great for groups as well! Includes full-color illustrations by famed Tolkien artist John Howe, conceptual artist for the films.

Teaching Signs for Baby Minds™ teaches you how to communicate with your baby or toddler before he or she can speak! These fun, easy-to-follow DVDs show you how to use American Sign Language (ASL) to teach your baby how to communicate wants, needs, and observations. NEW! Flashcards and game instructions included in each Learning Kit.

Children can write - some better than others - but they all have the raw materials floating around in their lives. This fun series brings order to those raw materials and helps students sort and arrange that which is already familiar, using the results to create stories, poems, even their autobiography (so far °Ü°)
Series Includes (available individually or in a money-saving bundle):
Create Villains and Heroes
Create a Poem

You have 10 Days in the USA (or Africa, Europe, Asia) – Travel the country by jet, car, and on foot. Plan your trip from start to finish using destination and transportation tiles. With a little luck and clever planning, you just might outwit your fellow travelers. The first traveler to make connections for their 10 day journey wins the game. All 4 games available.

We carry PLAYFOAM! Regular, Sparkle, Glow-in-the-Dark, Creativity Kits & more! Playfoam NEVER dries and will not stick to your carpet. Squish it, shape it, pull it apart - feels like a marshmallow treat but doesn't make you feel sticky. Great for hands-on learning!

Students can construct, examine and explain Simple Machines to develop a deeper understanding of how they make work easier. 63 pieces so that all 5 machines can be constructed at the same time!

Your favorite game in a whole new dimension! This curious game of clever connections challenges a player's ability to find SETs by combining the dice in their hand with those already on the board. We also carry the original SET Game and many other games from Out of the Box including the Apples to Apples series & PIN Mensa Select award winners.

Color Scheme is a dazzling game of color-blending strategy. Players scheme and strategize as they slip primary-colored tiles into the swiveling tower, attempting to create a row of three secondary colors. We carry all the games available from Educational Insights including SMART Games and BLOKUS.

Representative: Cindy Powers
Email address: MamaPow@comcast.net
Web links: http://www.brainathonemporium.com/
Screen name: Yahoo - mamapow1

Cindy Powers has been homeschooling for 10 years and is the owner of BRAIN-athon Emporium. She and her daughter Marley travel throughout the Northeast where Cindy speaks at homeschool conferences, gifted/talented events, & schools. Driven by her commitment to "engage" children in the learning & thinking process, she is always finding new FUN materials to challenge children's God-given gifts of logic & reasoning.

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